Understanding Your Pet

Hello there meet Jazz and Billy. Many times we would like our pets to talk to us but the truth is they do. They love you unconditionally and with their eyes you can see the love with their wagging tail, I am a strong believer when you look after your pet the way you look after yourself then you have a higher level of connection. Animals’ have feelings and they can get emotional like humans, they can have the grief attached to separation from their companions whether they have a human or a pet companion it is the same emotion that we go through in our own lives. And when a dog suffers grief they do not eat they are quiet as if the life has been taken out of them there spirit is down. By the tone of our voice they respond a low tone means that you are unhappy, to your pet a soft tone is how you want them to listen to you and then a high tone is when they know you are happy, interesting isn’t it? Your pet picks up your mood by tones what comes out of your own mouth.

Animals are the species that only want to be loved but the way the animal responds is how you treat your pet, good or bad.

Often your pet would want attention so they will do things for you to notice. Good or bad animals must not get mixed signals from you. They like to have a routine to go by and consistent commands. If you hit your pet, this is not a command. It’ll give them grief and they would want to run and hide from you. Try to always put yourself in your pet’s paws whatever the pet is.

You have to keep in mind that your pet can rebel, go into depression, feel unloved and react like us humans do. This is why pet healing, absent healing works. I tune into your pet and talk to your pet on a higher level through the Angels. They love your pets as much as you do. Have you ever sat down and looked at your pet and they have been looking back at you with their eyes? They see your soul and they see other dimensions before you do. They warn you if someone is around, they sense not so good people and the list goes on. Pets have been known to save people’s lives.

Do you ever wonder how your pet feels about you and how he or she is going if there is anything worrying them? If you find any behavior changes then you need to ask someone that is in tuned with pets, I can help you. If you have any questions with your pet please come to life reader.

And talk to me, you have to be open minded when it comes to your animals. They have chakra systems as much as we do and even though you can be low on energy, so can your pet too.

When your pet is sick you take your pet to a veterinarian and medication for the health issues but they do not fix your pet on an emotional level.

So think of this, absent healing has been around for centuries and will help your pet be balanced. It is always nice to find out how your pet feels? Are they happy? Do they feel loved? I am a strong believer that Love wins in the end of all situations in life and let’s face it, humans love to be loved so do animals and we love to be treated well and so do pets and this goes for any animal.

I wrote this article because a woman saw two dogs outside on my front garden. The woman that was driving by thought they belonged to my house and she let them in my back gate the dogs that she let in where a black Staffordshire and a Pitbull Billy was protecting the black Staffordshire slaughtered Billy, he is the one in the front of the picture and Jazz is at the back. I asked the vet to save Billy no matter the price is and to do everything she could to save him but, Billy was in shock and I knew that he was going to doggie heaven. So if you see any dogs in someone’s garden do not assume they belong to the house.

If you think that losing a family member or a friend in death is a horrible emotion then losing a pet can be equally the same. Well I knew Jazz was lifeless, he would not eat, he would wag his tail he was so sad. We grieved together, I never left Jazz out of my sight. It took 6 months for Jazz to heal and it took myself 12 months to heal.

Thank you for reading this article in memories of Billy.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Blessings Ann

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One thought on “Understanding Your Pet

  1. Joan

    My heart goes out to you. I’ve suffered the loss of a beloved dog and even though years have passed it still hurts. Every year on the death date, Oct 10, i receive some type of message. One year a picture of him fell out of my dresser on that date, another year on the date i was asked about him. I’ve had many dogs and love each one. Some i connect with more than others but each one speak so loudly to me that it’s as tho they literally are talking to me. My children, now 31, 17 and 16, all believe that the dogs speak to me. I believe that as well. So I know that as much as i think of the ones i’ve lost they are happy and are also comforting me when i need it most.


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