Understanding thought forms

Have you ever wandered where your thoughts come from and how you can change a negative thought into a positive? Have you had dreams and nightmares that you have been frightened of and worried about reoccurring dreams?

Well there is some simple techniques you can use that is going to help you but before I go on lets explain it takes 20 min for a positive thought to go into your subconscious mind and a negative thought goes straight in just like that. Have you ever watched a movie and it keeps playing over and over in your mind or you have listened to music and you get the song stuck in your mind throughout the day.

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Interesting isn’t it .now we will move a long and go into another thought process how often have you thought that my life isn’t going anywhere and I am no good my life Is ruined, my boyfriend is having an affair, my husband is having an affair, I will never have money, I do not feel safe, I am worthless, so many negative thoughts run through your mind if you let this happen and you don’t even realise it that you are being a waste dump for negative thoughts you can even be a waste dump with your friends when they unload on you they take your energy and then you feel depleted when you leave there company.

Do you realise that you can live in your own world of illusion with what you think

Okay let’s look at this you think of something bad and then you feel sick and then you cannot function some people are in bed for a week over this by you reading this article it will help you with the tools to combat negative thoughts.

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1) Okay a thought does not have any power over me
2) I have choices on how I want to think.
3) I am in control of my own mind
4) I will not allow myself to be a waste dump for anyone


When a thought comes into your mind and you know that this is negative and fear full thought you say stop right there I am not accepting this thought see how simple that is once you train your mind to not accept the thoughts you don’t want then you gain inner peace remember you are in control on how you think and feel. Remember I said we all have choices on the way we think you cannot blame anyone for your thought processes. Yes that is right you are responsible for the way you think and how you react no one can make you get angry or sad the way you think creates course and effect. So it is better to think happy thoughts and loving thoughts about everything to keep a relationship a live is to look at it this way your relationship is a blank piece of paper that it called unconditional love. It becomes distorted when you write on the paper that he or she must do the dishes and he or she could give me affection that a controlling thought and it is negative instead of thinking this thought and still piece of paper blank you can suggest and ask can we carry the work load don’t expect it. There is more to come in life reader on this article please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Blessings and love


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3 thoughts on “Understanding thought forms

  1. Latoya Callender

    I am very aware of how the mind works now , but in some case I still want to get over some fear like clostophobia,that’s the next step


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