Too Blessed To Be Stressed

By Counselor Karen: This thought has been on my mind a lot lately since recent catastrophic events around the world. How often we take for granted the blessings right before us focused on the future and things not yet to come. Too often we are worried about what is to come; making ends meet, and how to cope with everyday life. If you really think about it… We are too blessed to be stressed. The majority of us have a roof over our heads, a car in the driveway, clothes on our back and food in our bellies. The times we have stressed out always ended up working out. Life has a way of making a way for us even when we feel it’s the darkest hour.


What I have come to realize is that all of these stresses are just distractions in our lives that pop up on what really is the journey from this life to the next. To focus on the stressful things steals the joy that God wants you to have. What we need to stay focused on is being a good person, helping others, loving our families and friends, and being examples of kindness to those around us. I love to hear of people that go and do mission trips or take a sabbatical from their busy lives and do for others. It reminds them of how much they really are blessed in their own lives.

See God does not want us to be unhappy. He knows that when we are unhappy we pass up opportunities to do for others. We don’t live up to our full potential when we are focused on things beyond our control. That is why I strongly suggest prayer and having faith when you feel all faith is gone. There is always going to be someone that has less than you or is not as well off. So be thankful for the provisions you do have in your life! Life is too short not to learn the valuable lessons and to always think the negative things that keep us from growing into the person we are meant to be.

So next time you feel stressed out… Don’t compare your life to someone else’s, take the road less traveled, be thankful for what you have, and be a blessing to someone that needs it! When you focus on others, you tend to forget your own troubles. While life is a blessing, it is more important to be a blessing. Smile until you laugh, and giggle until your stomach hurts because joy is the best medicine you can have when stress is finding its way to you.


Love and Light,

Counselor Karen

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