These Things Happen When You Meet Your Soulmate

By Gertrude: The first thing that we need to know is that soul mates exist in all areas of our lives, people, pets, our connection to nature, the flowers and the trees.  It is an unfortunate truth that we can be with a soul mate however our connection is meant to be spiritual, rather than a biological connection here on Earth. The Universe is conscious and your soul has its own cosmic plan. Together, along with your own wisdom there are some steps and events that happen when we make any soulmate connection. 


Today, however, I want to concentrate on those around romantic connections. The determination that this is the soul mate you spend this earthly journey with. Our mirror of love. Where you can love and be loved in return. 

One of the standards that will happen when we are connecting not just with another person, but on every dimension, are synchronistic events. 

Little miracles will appear. Events or outcomes you thought were not possible, simply fall into place. As a consequence of what seems to be random events. All unfolding in your favour. In a very positive way, it will bring you together, rather than create obstacles to pull you apart. 

Synchronicity in a romantic sense will contain meaningful coincidences. You both go to say the same thing at the same time. What are seemingly random coincidences actually form a strong thread that creates a bond. 

Your thoughts and core beliefs in alignment. Disagreements happen, so do misunderstandings. Particularly in the early days. However, at each reassurance the level of emotional intimacy increases. Things get better, not worse. 

To prepare for this journey, we often have to ask ourselves to make sacrifices. To make uncomfortable changes. Don’t focus on what must pass, it is no longer needed. Instead your criteria is to use the benefits gained as your advocate for success. 

The meantime need never be lonely. It is your perfect oasis for inner mindfulness. Watering your own garden first. 

Together you are problem solvers, not creators. While life throws us real issues and priorities, you are able to compliment each other. So at the end of the day, both of you, simply find happiness at home as you build your life and family around that. Expanding the love and having the wisdom together to create a meaningful and mindful life. Despite all that goes on in the outside world, you always look how you can support the other person. This doesn’t require being perfect.

Life requires some attainment and it might not mean you won’t argue but will always put yourselves in each others shoes. 

You encourage your own and each other’s self-reliance. The time you take to look into each other’s eyes is time that you take apart from the rest of the world. You are holding hands, staring ahead of you when it comes to goal setting. So you are able to prioritize issues based on what is best, not clouded by emotion. 

One unmistakable change is that your view of the world will change. True soul mates meant to spend their romantic life together will share empathy. 

In this though you know the difference in abundance and excess. You don’t need verbal or pivotal events to happen to show that the love is ongoing. Rather, it is the exchange of respect and the way you are being listened to as well as being considered your soul mates best friend. Where they share those random thoughts they have with you. 

Not all of us are blessed with willing and supportive families and friends. It can sometimes lead us into relationships with soul primates, those we connect to and bring in emotional upheaval and issues that interfere with commitment. That aside, because those of us that have the most loving and uplifting family, we will still have a deeper spiritual connection to them. This can be mistaken for physical and emotional connection. Having the wisdom to know the difference can become an obstacle to love. 

You can not meet any of your perfect matches, your true romantic soul mates while you are distracted. If you are in the wrong relationship or have not let go of what is outmoded. Lingering feelings that perhaps whispers to keep you hesitant to move forward. It is difficult to open your heart, if it has closed around someone else. 

In return you don’t want your soul mate to be bringing baggage from the past. 

A true soul mate works on all levels. If you are with a soul mate and they are in denial, that determines a red flag. That means stop and step back on your own path. Something isn’t ready. That is not the time to push life’s natural progression. 

As a Holistic Counselor, I would love to look at what changes are needed, what ingredients are essential and how you can create the right environment for your unique life and circumstances, I would love to have a telephone session with you. 

Now is the time for us to consider how you can draw your perfect match, your romantic soulmate to your side.


Love and Light,


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