The Way Karma Works 

“Karma” is a strange word from India that has been westernized to mean fate as – “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”. In other words, if you do something wrong, someone will get you for it and pay you back for all the wrong doing you have caused. Of course religions throughout the world teach “What goes around comes around”, so it is small wonder that everyone believes that they have indeed done something wrong either in this life or one past. This belief creates a great deal of fantasy and illusion. Statements such as “I must have known them in a past life, for them to do this to me”. Or “We were lovers in a past life and I am reliving this life to learn to be a better partner.” Whatever the question the concept of ‘payback’ is wrong.
Mankind has always been ruled by God’s laws and these laws are called “The Laws of Karma”. Karma means literally “Fate”. Fate is what you make of your life by following the rules. Nothing is pre-ordained by judgment. We all have free will to think, feel and act relative to our lifestyles and the people we are involved with. Each of these laws are easy to understand and can easily been seen operating during daily activities.
The first law is: No one person may impose his/her will on another at anytime on any level. This means that if someone is trying to make you do something you don’t want to do, you have the right to refuse and to excuse yourself from any activity that could interfere with your happiness. Family members tend to forget this law and try to dominate one another, especially the children, who will retaliate or withdraw. If you chose to interact with someone, then however dominant he/she may be, you have allowed them to be in your life. They are not breaking this law.
The second law is: Each individual shall be responsible for all he/she creates in positive and negative actions. This means that absolutely everything you think, say, feel, do etc. is your responsibility. Even internal dialogue is your responsibility. No one else can make you feel, think and act the way you do. Your choice in how your process your experiences is yours alone. Any given response by others to your actions is their responsibility. Even in the most negative situations you are in charge of yourself and your own happiness.

The third law is: Each individual shall share him/herself with all others in unconditional love. This means that no matter what is happening, everyone is automatically drawn towards sharing their ideas, points-of-view, feelings and actions. Even those who try to be apart are in some way affecting others. Everyone’s energy is life and life is always shared. Often we have strong opinions and it is hard to love unconditionally, especially God, when we feel forgotten. No one is alone. Spirit is always with you.
The forth law is: Each individual will attract like in the mirror image, either in support or opposition for growth without judgment. This means that everyone you meet is somehow just like you, with similar feelings, hopes and dreams. By sharing self and ones experiences, harmony can be achieved, even when there are opposing points-of-view. Learning to respect our similarities and differences within self leads us to enjoy our spiritual growth with a feeling of being closer to God.
The fifth law is: Each individual shall in unconditional love surrender to The Creator. This means that within each of us is a part of God. That part of self must always emerge as Divine Will which when displayed accepts all things as a part of the whole and therefore interacts without judgment. In other words everything counts in one way or another to help us ascend in awareness to the greater part of our true selves. We are all unique and wonderful.

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3 thoughts on “The Way Karma Works 

  1. Tameka

    Hi, Well I know about karma and someone that I have been in a relationship with has dog, use and abuse me.He tell me all the time it’s my fault and other people who he has been with treat him like this and like that. But when it came down to help taking care of his mom nobody came and help but me.anything that goes wrong he called me, me, me, me. I don’t feel the love, he slept with my so called friends he has 11children and I am tired of I did start up a little confusing just to finally pay him back! !!!!!! But that is not me that why it took me 12years to pay his ass back! !!!!!! Now what to do next?

  2. chun mon cheng (Jenny)

    Ann:Very nice “Healing pain of ….,not sure How can you?Please let me know.My daughter’s couple can’t help any thing.
    I am living lower back pain and two legs pain and numbness for 4 years, left foot not too much felling for almost two years.One Dr. see him 2014,last year said, pinch the nerve ,I scared to see Dr.Gorden Teng Sergent Teng,near by neighbor who said 8years ago did it less then one inch then OK,I can have appointment Oct.only.while had chance July 1,someone told me not to see Teng,I went see Endospecialist,Joseph fail to do it.I am feeling very painful everyday,don’t know how to live this way.Thanks for your kindness.June 29/48 is my birth day


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