The Stages Of Love

By Anastasia: Hello beautiful and courageous LifeReader family! I am addressing this article to all of you brave souls who no matter what continue to seek out love advice and relationship conversations at all cost.

You are brave, you are wise, and you are willing to seek the truth. I am simply amazed at the consistent effort that is put into wanting your relationships to be loving and whole no matter what! I hear and see your sacrifice for one another and this makes me as a life reader consultant full of joy and gratitude that the human condition never fails to seek out connection and completion for the sake of love. It is never easy to have to deliver a message of termination of a relationship when clearly the voice on the other end of the chat is heart broken.  As many of you readers know honesty is the best way for you to move to a place of healing and wholeness so you can fulfill your destiny here in this lifetime. 

No matter how hard one might try you cannot change another person’s mind. When the love container has been opened and the beloved has left, you are believing or feeling that you are hurt. To a small degree this is true. 


This is likened to Velcro being pulled off of your skin. To the degree that you have given yourself that is the degree you will feel the loss of your partner no matter what the circumstance. Even if you are the one who ends it for various reasons.

You see the energy that you have created together can only sustain for so long and this energy shifts and changes according to the level of growth you two managed to have during the time you were together and I must mention when you are apart and are no longer engaged in a committed union the love still grows…

The stages of love are very beautiful and the endings can be too. It’s a matter of perspective. In young inexperienced love we feel as if we are going to die on the spot when there is a break up. As we mature in life and have fewer mis-steps we come to realize that love is a continuum of the flow of energy from one being to the next and it’s either engaged with another or singular in form but not stagnant. 

This concept is not popular with the soap opera crowd for they never get past the young love phase. Young love is for us to couple and ignite our sacred selves and face another soul with all that we have. This does not matter what age you are when this happens. This can happen to people late in life and often does.

The conditioning that we received as a child or young adult will determine how successful you will be at loving yourself and another. Sometimes in relationship readings I speak quite a bit about boundaries and how to maintain them in a love container. More often than not when there is a problem or issue in the relationship. It really boils down to this. Have you kept good and safe boundaries with yourself and have you protected your relationship? 

Has your partner done the same?

This can be very complicated for the couple to see but when you break it down you will discover where things went off the rails. Once that is looked at and behaviors are owned then the healing can begin again. I say again, Specifically for this very reason, we are human, we fail each other, we are learning we are not perfect and we show up wanting to love and be loved all as well. It’s good to keep in mind there can be an imbalance of power and or different levels of experience when two souls get together. It would be lovely if this could be discussed along the way to make your union stronger and possibly more playful.

Almost a “Who’s who in this relationship” Here are some thoughts: What do you want from this relationship you cannot give yourself? The answers vary but the bottom line is always the same.

“To be seen for who I am and loved with all of my faults and my strengths.” This is admirable and most often easier said than done…

We come to a relationship with our own bag of goodies to unpack and so does the other person. The key is this… Are you willing to be compassionate if the other person has not learned the same lessons you have? Can you hold space for your lover of 15 years as they go through a serious bout of depression and pray them through this for you to know who they are and this is just a season in your life together? Can you give each other space to process an argument and come back to discuss it without pushing for your way?

The most profound love that I have ever seen or heard of is the not so popular unconditional declaration of “No matter what I will wait for the rest of my life and be committed to this soul. This is my person and it does not matter if I am with them in physical form. They have my heart and I theirs.”

There are many ways to love and however love resonates with you it’s important to understand how you access this. This can be with children, animals, your family members, your co-workers and closest friends. Sometimes walking away from a relationship is the best way to love. I can attest to that myself. Let me remind you this last scenario is easier said than done most of the time. The fruit is always in the outcome.

 So however you choose to move about this profound experience called love is up to you. As you peel away the layers of thought forms and emotions my prayers and hope for you are that you are given the blessings of pure acceptance of yourself and others. In the end.

 Love Always Wins.


I look forward to meeting you soon.

Love and Light,


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