The Resurrection Of Pure Love

By Ann: Easter is one time of the year where we are blessed with the Holy grace of Jesus Christ our loving savior. We are blessed every day for the sacrifice that Jesus Christ did for mankind. Easter is a time of the year for remembrance.

This goes to show that there is no death and Jesus was resurrected from the grave and the spirit lived on. He gave his life freely so that humans can live. Jesus Christ was a soul saver and this is what he is and he came for us out of love for the Father that sent him. The pain and suffering he endured is too sad to mention.

ann3 This is one arch Angel that came down from the heavens and placed the vessel of a man to save the world and most of all for love. We are all made in God’s Image. Jesus is the son of God. He is the best healer that ever walked the earth and how great this is even in today’s world he still heals. Miracles happen every day. But can you say that you have faith? Can you say you trust? Jesus is there for you and has never left you. as He said “I will always come to you, all you have to do is ask.”

Love is powerful, forgiveness is freedom and peace is with Jesus Christ our loving Savior for ever is in our hearts and minds. Jesus is in charge of all the arch Angels and Angels to help you.

These are the angels who supervise the guardian angels” upon the earth. You might think of archangels as “managers” among the earthly angels’ hierarchy. You can call upon an archangel whenever you need powerful and immediate assistance. Since angels are purely spiritual beings, they have no time or space restrictions. An Archangel can help many people in different geographical locations simultaneously.

So never worry about calling upon an Angel because you fear that your need isn’t “big enough” or that the Angel might be Busy.God himself cannot rectify. He was going to wipe out his creation and Jesus said I will be the sacrifice for love of humans. Jesus was not going to let Satan win.

These are the powers through which the forces of darkness, Satan, operate in the material world. Just as there are powerful angels of good and light which help bring into our world the awareness of God’s love, majesty, and beauty, there also exist the corresponding opposite demons which manifest hate, selfishness, prejudice, and mayhem. The reality of malevolent angels is difficult to dispute. Although there are many forms of evil entities, demons, and fallen angels, they are all attributes of one evil source —– Satan.

Thank Jesus for the Resurrection of love.

Happy Easter!

Hugs and love Ann xx

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