The Myths Of Soul Mate & Twin Flame Connections

By Gertrude: Energy powers us. When we find that energy with another soul, it can quite often be explosive. So you have met your Twin Flame or Ultimate Soul Mate. You have done all the reading and have identified with everything you have read and understood. You have had many readings where psychics pick up you have this connection. You know on every level and every cell in your body that you are meant to be together. 


The only problem is that you have begun a waiting game while your twin flame catches up. There is always an excuse or a reason why they aren’t able to come forward. They are tasked with the responsibility of changing the things that are needed for you to be together. 

This can be for many reasons both practical or emotional. Whatever they may be, it has caused a complete block from you being together. So you have put all of your faith into waiting until ‘things change’. You are prepared to put in every effort because you simply can’t see yourself being with anyone else.

If this is you then it is a difficult time for you and your faith in this working itself on its own is sustaining and gives you hope for the future. You maintain a continuous stream of energy and thread this through your thoughts to encourage contact. 

The greatest Myth we feel compelled to believe is that Soul Mates & Twin Flames are meant to be together. 

My understanding of these connections is through DNA. Something we know exists. It is the frequency of those DNA strands that when they connect it feels like music. In harmony. 

It simply isn’t true that people who are meant to be together end up together. Our soul, ego and life circumstances have led us to make decisions from the day we are born as to how we feel about matters of the heart.

Often when we meet this person too much has gone on and they simply are not at a point in their lives, they simply can’t offer a relationship in any form, or sometimes relationships full of hot and cold, and push me pull you dynamics. Giving hope that they will come to their senses. Whatever the external circumstances that are unique to you, it still has that common outcome of love having a chance to be stable you are looking for. 

When someone else is being negligent with their feelings and creating voids and obstacles that keep the relationship stuck, it is time to simply nurture yourself. Often we feel that we have to make sacrifices for this type of connection. Remember though not all sacrifices are worth it. Be clear headed not clouded by emotion. 

The question you have to ask yourself is if you are increasing your chances for this to work out or have you been neglecting some red flags? 

What if you can have what you desire, but it looks entirely different to how you have dreamt it. For some of us, our soul journey is to expand love not just reconnect because we feel like we are at home with them.

I would love for you to call me, as a holistic counselor it is my mission to look at all of your options and treat you and your complete individual set of circumstances with my undivided attention.

I will always be honest, supportive and truly look for inspiration for you to find the happiest path for you. To really achieve your best outcomes.

Please read my profile to see how I do my counseling sessions. I use all of my skills, experience and expertise to find honest and straightforward advice. I will not tell you what you want to hear, but what is needed. You are hurting right now, so the best medicine apart from laughter is honesty with yourself.

The issue of agreements and contracts that we feel that we have made either in a previous life or through DNA as I understand it more from a scientific perspective, often keeps us going or keeps us waiting. Knowing that in some way it is our soul contract to reconnect. The problem is with that is it disempowers us and that is why things are so difficult for you right now.

People make all sorts of commitments and contracts to themselves and others that they break for many reasons. Some in our best interests and sometimes taking us down a pointless path. Wasting our time and energy.

If you choose to continue that is perfectly okay, but it is also important as to what you do in your ‘meantime’ because that is your reward.

While your soulmate is transitioning so must you. We always have to take responsibility for our own progress and what we are bringing to the relationship itself and that is an area I love looking into for you. This is where I find uplifting moments of insight on how you can also progress through this period. 


Whatever your circumstances, I am here to help.

Love and Light,


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