The Life Of A Gambler

By Ann: Maggie was born in England in 1926, she had three brothers and a sister, her father was a builder and her mother is a housewife. Maggie was very close to her grandmother and she ran away from home at the age of four and wanted to live with her grandmother. Maggie was a different child, though she knew God and she would talk about him and it’s as though she did had recall of where she came from before she was born and even though this may sound far fetched.

And for the skeptics out there you need to understand often what you see is not how it is. And please have an open mind with this blog, it is a story of Maggie and her journey through darkness and light, the battlefield of the Angels, and how she used her experiences to be a better person and dedicating her life to helping others with her gifts of insight and wisdom.

And even in the pits of hell she climbed to the light. This is a true story.


If you are a gambler and you feel that you have lost everything, well, you have become the walking dead and even though you do not want to do gambling it is though you have no control and you just go. Even the car can find its way there to the venue and you are not the driver. Scary isn’t i?t Yet, the thoughts come for that dark forces and you are tempted to gamble. So yes, you are in hell and what you see there are people that are dead and have known life and choose with their thoughts to go for the big win. You will not find it and you can keep searching and all you will find is the dark pits of hell. You are paying your way to get into hell and others are paying their way to get out of hell. Where do you choose to be?

As Maggie grew up knowing the angels, she also knew the dark side and what they can do and the temptation that they put in your way as well as how they creep up on you without you seeing them and the thoughts that you have goes on. You will win and have a big win and you see the thing with this us as humans always wants to win in life and think that you cannot lose this is an illusion. All compulsive behaviors are with you.

When you gamble, the love addiction creeps in with every win. You think you are worth something, this is still an illusion. Then the lying. When you have no money and you want to borrow money anywhere you can, from friends and family and even your kid’s piggy bank. There are no limits to where you would try to get money to help you get you to your gambling. Stealing can come into this as well. If you are not thinking right now, how can you stop gambling? You need to make choices, you have free will and you can change anything once you put your mind to this. For many years, Maggie was asking for this to come, to end this negative cycle. Only when she realized that she loved herself enough to not want to gamble anymore. She did not want to follow her parent’s footsteps because she was different.

She was not going to beat herself up any longer and do something about her life and make the changes that she needed to make, so many good intentions and Maggie would say to herself “I will do this tomorrow” after she had gone gambling this is also an illusion. When you say this, it is only because you have lost your money and if you had won this night, you will go back and try to win more because you think your luck is in. Then you lose all your money and then you feel guilty that you have lost and start to panic and think on how you are going to survive through the week.

Often, she would go to her bank and take out what little she may have left. Maggie would sometimes over draw her bank to just gamble. It was a very difficult time for Maggie as everything she tried to do with this compulsive behavior did not work. Maggie was never alone as the Angels would take on human form to help her. Maggie’s growing years was called survival, she had a personal life with God and He was the one that would carry her to safety.

She was a child that was searching for the truth in all religions and anywhere she could go to find what she was searching for and all she found herself, this is the main thing. Maggie had a hard life. This is what you will think at the end of this article, but really all through Maggie’s life were all experiences that made her what she is today. An earth Angel helping and dedicating her life to helping others, a true servant of the Angelic realm.


Hugs and love,


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