The Key To Love

By Ann: So many times, you want everything to work out the way we want it, we do not want to wait for anything we just want to go forward. Even though we say we are in love with the person it gets tougher and tougher when you are waiting, you want this person to change whether he/she is alcoholic or a drug addict or whether he/she is just simply depressed and not moving forward on his/her own accord he/she stuck in a rut.

I can understand how you feel with this because waiting is the most anxious part of life when you want something so bad, but I often find it when you trust.


In the angels and you delegated it to them they are doing the work on your behalf, it is a Hard call when you go through the emotions. That is attached to loving someone and not having their arms around you or having that closeness. You can feel very lonely in the waiting period since I have been doing this work, I found people do get what they want but they do not sit around waiting. They get out there they have fun.

They do their own thing that goes to parties that go out and date other people and then they can go through the waiting period with ease. We live in a world of separation, love, expectations and judgement, you do not have to be one of these people that are miserable. You really need to be comfortable with your own company and not rely on somebody else to make you happy. You need to be happy with inside you and do the things that make you happy do not put off the things that you have been wanting to do, keep moving forward years pass by very quickly and that is why it’s important today to make the changes in your own life to make you happy do not think no one can change because they can. But, they must have the desire to change the person that you want to be with and help them work with their problems. We can all be a bit selfish when it comes to what we need and what we want we think about our own feelings and not consider the other person’s feelings.

Often the case is the one you want to be with. They need time to get it right, what you need to think is, the most important thing is to allow the person to have the time and the space to fix their own lives. If you keep pushing the person you love the person then becomes. Further removed from you, then you get anxious why they are not close, the reason why is, because of the expectations that you put upon them.

You want them to love and care for you. Unconditionally we need to always remember that loving someone does not cost you anything, being kind to someone does not cost you anything, being patient with someone is the main key to love.

Keep the doors closed to judgment and criticism and misery throw away the keys, you do not need this emotion, for how many years we live, we all want to live a happy life and have the joy and love that goes with this and the finances where we do not have to struggle. The only way you get this is to project out there and ask the angels to help you obtain what you want and need.

How many people do you know when they say they love someone and in the next breath they are Judging them? You must ask yourself, do they really love this person at all or is it their expectations of what they want to happen with the person they love. 

We have all been hurt and we have all been in love and of course we want the inner peace, and it would be nice to have a stress-free life. Well, it is about programming your mind, you make your own world, do not let other people create it for you.


Love and Light,


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