The Importance Of Truth

By Zelena: In all of my conversations, psychic reading or not, I always begin with the question, “How are you?”

An often overlooked expression, more considered a form of politeness rather than a genuine query. But what is true, is that I really mean it.

1zelena2 Those three words are often more effective, and can be more meaningful than, those three words we so traditionally associate with happiness: ‘I love you’.

‘How are you?’ gives one the opportunity to really speak about what’s going on inside. Emotionally, physically, spiritually. Asking the question is an act of love in itself, as it shows great care and the willingness to listen. Are there many other ways to so directly welcome openness without being intrusive? I think not.

The analogy of those three words versus the romantic triplet continues:

                                                             How are you? vs I love you

Both must be placed appropriately. When used carelessly, both mean nothing. When used with intention, truth and sincerity, both can evoke a profound change in one’s emotional state.

“But what has this really got to do with truth?” You ask.

I was compelled to discuss truth as my first article for LifeReader as I get so many requests for exact details, times, locations, immediately, within the first two minutes of a reading.

As a psychic reader, I can provide those details – times, locations and scenarios – with accuracy. But I also work very deeply with truth and energies.

I always place truth higher than quick results, higher than telling people what they want to hear, and higher than the easiness of plucking meaningless responses from thin air. I believe that it is better to speak from the heart.

My answers will always come from that place, the place where energies are sent to me and where truth dwells. Sometimes the truth may sound unpleasant, sometimes it may be immediately uplifting. Either way, it is important to understand the value of real truth.

When you value your truth, you value your reality.

When you omit truth from another, you are unfairly taking power over their reality.

Everyone deserves the dignity of a clear and honest discourse regarding their own life situation.

This deep devotion to honesty and integrity is what enables me to truly connect with people from all over the world, and I encourage each and every person to do the same to feel the benefits that come from true human connection.

Opening up to truth opens a gateway into the reality of deep spiritual understanding and knowledge. When one can accept the truth, one has become comfortable with life and the law of nature. Please, be truthful, value truth, and honour truth within yourself and your life.


The truth is beautiful.

Love and Light,


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