Follow Your Gut

By Zelena: You’ve probably heard this many times before: ‘follow your gut’ or ‘what’s your gut saying?’

But have you ever thought about what that really means?

Whilst the expression undoubtedly encourages one to check-in with the body, listen to its inner voice and follow the nerve of intuition, it is also rather scientific as a solution.

1zelena2Your gut is the place where digestion happens. That means it’s the place which separates particles absorbed by you into those with energy and nutrients, and those without. The energy and nutrients then get absorbed by the body and the rest released as feces.

Your gut does the job of keeping things that help you, and removing things that don’t.

So doesn’t it make perfect sense then, when we apply this not only to food, but energies we come across. Our bodies naturally internalize energy and hormones from the things around us, and in this way our bodies can tell us things about people, places or situations that we haven’t quite intellectualized yet.

Can’t decide how you feel about a person. What’s your gut saying?

If it feels good down there, warm, bright, positive and glowing. Seems like they’re a keeper for the moment.

If you feel a sense of straining, insecurity, tension and concern. Maybe take some time away from this person and check in again next time. If it doesn’t feel good again, know when to move on and walk away.

Sometimes, even though it will seem as though a conversation is going well, a situation sounds perfect, your gut will be saying ‘this doesn’t feel right’. How many times do you truly listen to that voice? What happens when you do, and what happens when you don’t?

As the group of organs responsible for processing the energy that comes into contact with our bodies, it’s really important to trust its judgment. For anyone unsure, the gut, or gastrointestinal tract, is located in your belly. It’s made up of the stomach, mouth, esophagus, pancreas, liver, gallbladder, small intestine, colon, and rectum.

That’s why often when you get a feeling about something, your stomach is the place where you feel it.

So really, when you’re not sure about something, please ask yourself ‘what is my gut saying?’ Take a breath, close your eyes, feel into your body and listen to its energy. Your gut will guide your way, but only if you trust.


Love and Light,


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