The Dig Out Your Card Deck Challenge!

Let’s set the scene: it’s Saturday afternoon. You’re browsing the crystal-littered shelves of Perfect Pagans (or whichever magical outlet you frequent), allowing your eyes to absorb the colourful frenzy of Tiger’s Eye, Malachite and Quartz. The air is laced with exotic perfume. Incense smoke rises and curls around a display of wind chimes twinkling in the breeze.

You’re not convinced you need a new crystal today, nor do you need another Tibetan singing bowl, Native American dreamcatcher, or any Vegetarian/Fairtrade/ethically sourced tie-die skirts – Glastonbury is months away, anyway. No, you’re feeling bold today; adventurous, even! Armed with just a pack of tea lights and some Nag Champa, there’s no way you’re leaving without something else rattling around in your tote. You’re approaching the counter though – again – and if you go around once more, that’ll be your fourth lap…but wait. Your wandering eyes stop, fixated on a display of vibrant boxes covered in mysterious symbols; it’s the display you usually pass quickly so you can get the next spot in the queue.

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Not today. Something entices you to stop, and take in all the rich imagery and stunning artwork. Your curiosity is piqued, even though you don’t know how to read Tarot. In fact, you haven’t got the first clue about where to start with any oracle deck. Does this pose a problem for you on this fine Saturday? Does it heck! Possibly a little high on Sandalwood and Patchouli, your confidence knows no bounds. Everyone starts somewhere, you tell yourself chirpily. You bounce up to the jolly little witch behind the counter, itching to get your prizes home so you can begin some seriously spiritual stuff!

So, tell me. Where is that deck today, that deck you fell for so hopelessly? In a drawer? Behind the bookcase? On eBay?

Oracle card reading isn’t for everyone. I get that. But if you and your cards were enjoying each other, why did it stop? What went wrong? I’m pretty certain it’ll be one of the reasons on this list:

– You got a bit spooked by how accurate you were becoming
– An ‘expert’ told you that you were doing it ‘wrong’

– Friends and family didn’t support your new interest

– You felt you had a heck-of-a-lot to learn, which was daunting or frustrating for you

– Someone in the online community didn’t support you when you asked for help (it happens!)

– You decided you aren’t ‘psychic’ enough

These reasons will hold you back if you let them, but they shouldn’t. They really shouldn’t. Being accurate is your ultimate goal, and nobody has the right to tell you that you’re doing it ‘wrong’, especially if the evidence says otherwise. Friends and family eventually come around when they see you’re committed, and once you make the decision to commit (even if it’s just little and often!), you’re signalling to yourself and to the universe that you’re open to learning more.

There are beautiful people waiting on forums, blogs and social media, ready to answer your questions and offer support. There are many professional readers out there who make no bones about the fact they aren’t engaging any psychic faculties; it doesn’t prevent them from providing stunning, on-point readings.
An oracle is read like a language. Many would say it helps to be psychic, but it isn’t essential. (FYI – we all have psychic potential, and oracles are a great way to begin engaging and training your dormant psychic abilities.)

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And now, I present to you your challenge. I challenge you to dig out that deck you fell in love with all that time ago. Dust off the mites. Shuffle its brains out. Lay yourself some cards. How does it feel?
If the answer is ‘awesome’ or thereabouts, you need to reconnect with your deck! You might be a budding Bob Plaice or a Sibyl extraordinaire, able to wow all your friends with your incredible guidance. Remember, even those of us who are born psychic still have to learn our systems and hone our skills, be it Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, or I Ching.

So! Do you accept my challenge? Will you give it a go and stretch your oracular potential? I really hope your answer is YES! And who knows? Maybe one day you’ll tell me all about it, when you’re reading my future in the cards!

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