The Art Of Speaking Without Speaking

By Edwina: Beyond our eyes and ears, we can perceive past events, our memories of good and bad. What is this sight? We all inherently have which allows us to transcend time itself beyond the present moment?

1edwina2 Consider the words ‘light bulb’ and perhaps immediately you will see one in your mind’s eye popping up above your head. Either way, when you read ‘light bulb’ as you are saying it, you are hearing it in your mind. This inner voice inside you is creating a silent narrative which is acknowledging every word scribed here. Now consider your physical body; the outside entity, flesh and bone perceived by the rest of the world. Have you ever thought perhaps this is your greatest limitation? After all, isn’t the notion of freedom and love the greatest expression we can experience in this life? Yet our fear of losing someone or of death itself constrains us to exist in an ‘outer cage’ of limitation. Surely the question therefore should be; where does this inner voice go after death if it’s not physically here in the first place?

Consider the ‘outer cage’ for a moment. This is the three dimensional space where we all exist on the physical plain. If we include the concept of time, then we enter the fourth dimension and this is the construct of the ‘outer cage’ which we have been brought up to function in. But what about inside? What about inner affirmation? This overlooked inner voice can actually help us transcend our current existence into something new; the life spark/source of consciousness/higher vibration/God. The inner voice within one person who tells them to get up in the morning and go for a run, or generally to have faith and place energy into whatever they pursue. This is our fifth dimension and we simultaneously co-exist in the inner and outer realms of reality. It is only when this realization can be accepted, we can nurture and build a strong foundation for our inner voice; for it matters how we perceive ourselves and the conversations within our minds, more so than what others think.

Think inner positive and therefore feel outer positive. Like the hermit, we are not just an outer shell. There is a beautiful soul inside absorbing everything which is going on outside. Its how we respond respond on the inside which counts. Let the real you speak and manifest what you want for we are all born perfect. It’s the world we are simulated into which makes us feel imperfect; with dreams and ideals we are dosed to believe in, through the unrelenting force of the media we are subjected to from an early age. We must become in harmony with the universe and recognize our inner voice is a great power and what we utter, inner and outer has consequences. So choose your words wisely, recognize when others do not, but, always remain as you, for are gifted simply by existing in the fifth dimension.


Love and Light,


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