Tend To Your Inner Garden

By Sher: There are very many things, concepts, music, art, and readings that provide profound benefits for people, but in my case, the concept if you will, that has made the most impact on me is that of emptiness. Through my life, I had exerted myself to do a great many different things that for lack of a better word failed. Even with the things that have worked out were impermanent.

sher2 They no longer tendered benefit or reward. Constantly thriving and striving to the point of exhaustion to fill that void, to be accepted, to feel accomplished, to maintain status quo in love, career and my personal life. Sooner or later, my health was out of whack due to the lack of equilibrium in my life. And it was at this moment a year ago I was forced to slow down and something told me to start reading for friends and family. It was all I could physically do from my bed, because I was experiencing an inexplicable ongoing period of fatigue and exhaustion paired with unexplained body aches and pains that my doctor could not figure out.

My acceptance and recognition of emptiness has brought me to a space of immense peace, which I refer to as my inner garden. In this garden, dealing with the raw energy and turning it into something beautiful just by being still. In turn, this brought about a fresh vantage point of no longer trying to chase rainbows anymore. My viewpoints today stem from the idea of where I am is where I am suppose to be, and if there’s something I need, it will come to me, otherwise I don’t need it. By slowing down and meditating, I was able to reorganize my thoughts so that they were no longer working against me. During this incubation period, the universe made it known that impulsiveness will not help the healing process, only prolong it.

Taking time to face the old limiting beliefs, such as self-sabotaging patterns, self-imposed fears that held me back motivated me to work through them and accept that they were no longer serving me. Sometimes doing nothing and just allowing and releasing control is all that’s required to listen to that inner voice to lead you to the next step step, decision, or idea in your life. Taking the time for introspection on what you want out of life, out of your friendships, and out of your relationships. Once you start to become what it is that you seek and desire, you will attract love, happiness and abundance. So cultivating and watering your inner garden is key to harvesting and manifesting miracles .

In conclusion, I realize my health is my greatest wealth. The material dimension is an illusion and only distracts from finding what we call inner peace and tranquility. Therefore, the essence of my existence is not to be attached. Take that step and don’t be afraid to be alone with your thoughts. I believe we can “‘Whole-listically ,” (mind-body-soul) become whole again. I hope this resonated with you and serves you well.


Love and Light,


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