Summer Romance Guided By The Tarot

By Francis: “Summer lovin’ happens so fast”. We all know those lyrics and we all aspire to have a fun filled Summer loaded with frivolity, fun and flirtations. The World has been in the midst of a chaotic and excruciating Pandemic which has seen countries in lockdown therefore preventing us from fully engaging in romance as we usually do. A lot of people enjoy parties and some engage in online dating and all of a sudden the prospect of meeting a significant other seems remote and impossible. There are ways to overcome this and looking at the Tarot for the Summer months can help us to find ways to have love and fun in our lives.

Three of Cups



There are ways to socialize still despite ongoing restrictions. Some countries have bars and cafes open where you can still arrange to meet up and chat to someone. This is a good way on a first date to get to know someone and see if there is a potential future together. For those without this option, webcams and Zoom chats could work. Get talking on camera and feel whether there is a spark or not and if the conversation flows. The Three of Cups is the card of fun and enjoyment and analyzing this card in the context of today’s world shows us there is still hope to have your dreams fulfilled.

Online dating can still be used, finding someone you are attracted to and having the first message sent and replied to will work wonders to break the ice and start something new. With Social Distancing in place, it still is possible to meet up outdoors in the sun and take a walk in the park or nearby and talk about dreams and hopes. You could sit a little apart and enjoy a picnic or some beverages in the sunny weather and have a sense of calm and peace surrounding yourself with mutual attraction and conversation.

The Lovers

Of course, the culmination of all romance is intimacy. This is something people who care and love one another aspire to achieve once they have found their feet and have gotten to know one another. The one thing here is that in some countries Lockdown is to be eased off shortly, while in others it’s no longer taking place. In a way this could be a positive thing as two people could really have to get to be a lot closer by talking and sharing common interests before engaging in intimacy. In the coming months it might be more plausible for couples to be able to get to this stage. Ultimately also, there are partners who already live together and this Pandemic could bring them closer together, having to spend more time together and share hidden thoughts and aspirations. There may even be a baby boom after this! The message from The Lovers card is, don’t lose hope. There are a lot of people out there just waiting to find love and after perhaps being in isolation are going to make that much more effort to reach out and find the lover they have wanted or maybe had been too fearful to approach prior to this.

Summer romance is possible. Feel the grass under your feet in the garden or park. Go out and enjoy the sun setting. Feel the love and energy of the Universe which has never gone away. Never give up on the dream of meeting someone new or even reuniting with a past love if feelings still exist.



Love and Light,


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