Spirits Tell The Truth

By Melanie: When I connect with spirit for a client, or for myself, the truth always comes through. Sometimes this truth can be brutal. I have personally asked spirit questions that I wasn’t fully ready to receive the complete honest truth, and when I got a message I didn’t like, it was like getting hit with a ton of bricks to the heart. This can be very hard. Questions like, “should I move on?”, “Is my relationship going to last?”, “What should I do about my job?”, things that are soul searching and potentially life-changing.

1melanie2 My advice to all clients and even myself have been, if you’re not sure you are ready to hear the brutal truth, you may not want to ask this question yet. Spirits doesn’t care about your feelings, it only cares about guiding you to where you belong. It tells you like it is, moving you to your highest and best interest and calls you out on things where you are weakest. It shows you where you need to let go, where you are in denial, and where you already know you should have left but have been avoiding facing the reality or delaying it.

When I do readings, no matter the client, when spirit delivers a message I know is pretty “brutal”, I try my very best to translate and deliver diplomatically with tact. It is never my intention to drop a bomb on a client, hurt or anger them. I am in this field to heal, to help, to guide, and if I haven’t done that, I haven’t been successful in my task. If a client is drawn to me for a reading with a question, it is probably because they have a sense that something is “off”. Their intuition is telling them that they need to further investigate, or they have been ignoring signs, maybe they are in denial and just need that additional confirmation it’s time to let go, or perhaps they really truly aren’t ready but are just starting their journey of discovering something. For clarification, not every “something” is negative, this could also be the beginning of a wonderful relationship and they just need the guidance of how to begin, confirmation the person likes them also, etc.

Over the many years of readings, I have learned that there are two kinds of clients; the kind who really want the truth, and the kind who are not ready for the truth. The clients who really are ready for the truth grow and learn and handle it as best they can, ask questions with how to move forward, or what can we do next and I coach them through it. Sometimes the truth is what they want and sometimes it is not what they want, but either way, they work through it and even when it is not what they want, we are able to change the energy in their favor so they can manifest what they want and become happier. This is the benefit of being ready to hear the truth and being open to the process of growing, taking control of your life, and being empowered. The other kind of client breaks my heart and I wish I could find a better way to help them, they get angry, they continue to be in denial and do not believe what I see, they either will not come back, or will not work with the energy work I recommend and remain stuck in the type of situations they are in.

When we stay stuck, when we stay stagnant and refuse to look at ourselves, our situations, then we will not grow, and we continue in our patterns until we learn, until we are ready to change. Like everyone else in this world, I am learning and growing and am trying to find better ways to help those kinds of clients who shut down in anger because they do not like what I have seen for them. We can even change their future if they allow me to help. My suggestion; the next time any reader, not even myself, gives you a prediction you do not like, ask them how can you change it, and give them a chance to give you advice because it really may help your outcome. We all went into this work to HELP and that’s all we want to do, and when clients shut us out, we can’t do that, so give us a chance.

I wish you all the happiest days, I hope you find your bliss, and everything comes to you in the highest and best, with perfect timing.

Love and Light,


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