Signs Of Psychic Ability

By Destiny: This article tells the story of my humble psychic beginnings and I am going to share with you how you can develop your own psychic ability. This article connects you with the importance of meditation and psychic protection. It stresses the importance of being relaxed and keeping an open mind that is clear from negative thoughts and internal noise.

I didn’t go out to find psychic ability it came to me and in a surprising and fascinating way. I had been thinking about some writing that I was doing and had rested my pen on the paper. I was still trying to find the words for the next paragraph of my letter and I noticed that my hand was twitching.

1destiny1 It was a very strange feeling and I took my thoughts away from what I was writing and became focused on this hand. It felt light and then it started to move the pen it was making shapes and patterns. The outlines didn’t make much sense to me, but I was aware that some entity or my subconscious was to coin a phrase ‘forcing my hand’. I was not afraid as I knew I could pull out of this situation at any time.

In fact, I did take my hand off the pen and then I could feel it becoming lighter and then it rose like a balloon. I later found that if I totally relaxed then my whole arm could float upwards. The feeling was surreal and I was not afraid, I did sense that there was something spiritual going on there.

I did some research into this situation to see if anyone else had experienced this, we didn’t have the internet then and so it was not easy. I found the term ‘automatic writing’ seemed to fit in with this scenario. I did occasionally get some messages through automatic writing and this gave me some clarity of some psychic ability.

I developed this further into psychic art, however, this was abstract art as it didn’t paint a picture but rather patterns and shapes. I did exactly the same with the crayons as I did with the pen and before long I was drawing symmetrical shapes. I did not know what was coming next I was just following through with the shapes and choosing colors on instinct. I found that I could sit down and relax with some music and get into the music and get thought out of my mind. With an empty mind, I was able to tune into spirit and follow through with what they wanted me to do. It was a very good start and I did enjoy this phase of my psychic development.

I never created a masterpiece, though and I found I was moved on to do other things and that is how it worked. I would be shown one thing and then swiftly progressed to something different. I was spelling out words with scrabble pieces and getting messages and I knew it was time to start doing something with this psychic ability.

I attended a local meditation group and found this very helpful and also a good start for psychic protection. It is very important to do psychic protection work when you open yourself up to spirit. It is rather like opening your front door and letting your friends in and then leaving the door open so that anyone can walk in.

There are various different versions of Psychic Protection but the one that I use involves creating a bubble around myself. It is rather like putting myself in a protective egg, I do this during the meditation and visualize Archangel Michael at the top of the egg. I then ask him to filter out the energies that enter and only let in the energy that is good for me.

I think it is so important that you are relaxed if you want to develop your psychic ability and with a mind that is emptied of clutter. You can see how it can come to you when you are least expecting it. The best way forward for someone who wants to develop their psychic ability is to develop the art of meditation and take it from there.


Love and Light,


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