Self Love

By Larissa: What is self-love? How to truly love yourself? That is the question. I feel in life we get lost in the day to day things that we sometimes lose sight of ourselves… so we forget to nurture and love ourselves. To truly love yourself, you have to accept the flaws and all. Do not compare yourself to others as you were made already perfect and that’s what we forget.


We see all on the TV what is the standard of beauty. So sometimes we want to match up to what we see advertised. But is that truly loving yourself? And if we don’t look a certain way we are not good enough. Well, we all are beautiful in our own way. That is true self-love. Accepting yourself for who you truly are. The pain you have been through the lessons you have learnt along the way. And looking within and always saying I love me for me. And I am love in all forms. It is then you can love someone else. And attract a person who also has self-love for themselves. Then come together knowing you both have love for yourself and grow that love together.

Then over time, with practicing self-love you become happier and content in life. Your aura becomes brighter and overall you love your life as you love yourself. You start to see things differently also.

I feel you come into the world alone and you go out alone. So why shouldn’t you truly love yourself.

Praise and look within everyday to see the true you. Why don’t people love who they are that much anymore, it is because we are looking away from ourselves when you should always look to self. All the answers are there with you truly and you have the ultimate key to self-love.

Doing good things for others is also great for self-love. Simple acts of kindness and compassion go a long way. If you are giving out good energy you will receive it back one way or another from the universe/creator.

It is nice to be nice as they say. Even taking care of a plant is great as it helps you to love nature and nature is you. Even that is self-love also.

I have a few techniques you can do yourself just by looking in the mirror and saying I love me. I accept me. I will love me always. Even having an essential oil bath is great for self love. As you can listen to self-love affirmations and meditate to truly connect to your higher self. when you connect to your higher self then is when you see the pure love which is you. Just a few simple things can help you along the way for truly loving you.

If you have further questions in Love and Relationships and any other concerns, please feel free to contact me here in LifeReader. Blessings be upon you. Have a Great Day, Talk to you soon!


Love and Light,


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