Reiki – The Healing Power From Within You

By Gianna: The History:
Reiki started in Japan in the 1920’s and has grown since. Reiki is widely used in the U.S. and continues to grow and is being practiced through out the world today.

1gianna2 My Introduction:
I got introduced to Reiki in 2013 and have since continued my path with becoming a Reiki II practitioner. My next step is to become a Reiki Master Teacher and I will be able to tech others to become Reiki practitioners. I will also continue to give Reiki sessions as well.

Who Uses Reiki:
Now you may be wondering who uses Reiki? The answer may wow you but its used by many different people including people in the medical field such as Nurses, Physicians, Physical Therapists and even Hospitals including Hospice. Reiki can be integrated into any kind of setting. Reiki isn’t just for humans either, our fur babies (pets) also can benefit as well. I know a lot of different veterinarian practices that integrate Reiki. It can be beneficial to help calm the animals after any kind of surgery or just to even to try and relax them in an environment they aren’t used it.

How it Helps:
You may be wondering how Reiki works and the benefits. Reiki is touch free and is truly a healing energy(energetic vibration). Its very subtle but over time you may feel the benefits and feel better from stress, aches and pains and just overall wellness. The person getting the session just really needs to be open to receiving. There isn’t a specified amount of sessions you need to have but the more over time you receive the more you start to feel better. It truly is a life force of good energy.

The Setting:
Now you may also be wondering what type of setting you will be in. The best setting is a quiet setting and where you can be free is distractions. Some Reiki practitioners who do this regularly will have a dedicated space.

Long Distance:
Besides being able to to do in person Reiki, there is also the ability to do long distance sessions. During or even once completed you may feel tingling in your hands, feet or legs. You will also most likely will sleep very good that night as well. Just be open to receive and you find out.

If you have any questions please do reach out to me and I do hope you consider a reiki healing session with me, Gianna, here on Life Reader. I look forward to connecting with you for both Guidance and Reiki.


Love & Light


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