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A natural born intuitive with no tools needed. 
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About Gianna

I am a natural born intuitive that does not need the use of any tools for a reading. I'm also an Empath where I can sense feelings, thoughts and attitudes along with having the ability to smell, Clairsentient. In addition I am also a Reiki practitioner which is the practice of healing with energy. I'm able to provide long distance Reiki sessions if that is something of interest for you.  My goal is to help you feel better about yourself, your life and the world around you. I want to guide you on your road to personal happiness. I am here for you and the more readings you get with me, the more details I provide.
I am a professional reader for many years now and I am open to discussing whatever is concerning you, whether it’s your relationships, your career or your spirituality. I want you to understand what’s happening to you and empowers you to take an active role in changing what you don’t like about your life. I strive to be compassionate and uplifting, and always end my reading on a positive note. I am especially adept at reading for people who are at a crossroads in life and for those who want to reclaim their life and personal power. 
My experiences taught me to always be straightforward and honest and to make sure people walk away from a reading feeling like they finally got the answers and confirmation they needed. One of my specialties is being able to help you with timing questions as well as being able to provide you clarity and insight on the issues that are most important to you such as career, finances, relationships whether platonic or otherwise and everything else in-between.
I believe that life is derived from making choices, so I focus on how to create change you need to make to bring about your deepest heartfelt desires.  I just ask that when you choose to come to me for a Reiki session or psychic guidance that you have an open mind and be specific with your questions.  I just need names and the questions you would like for me to focus on and then we can begin our session.
I want my clients to trust me, not only as a psychic, but as a person who they can confide in at their most crucial time of need. I also want them to look at their destiny in a new light, with joy, peace and confidence in themselves. Life is beautiful and too short to waste. Embrace each day to the fullest! If you’re looking for an enthusiastic reader who has a real passion for life, I am the psychic for you!  
My Experience: 
Natural Born Intuitive
Reiki Practitioner

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