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Let me introduce you to the world of dream meanings and let me ask you to consider the underlying messages within your dreams.  I will take you on a journey through your consciousness to the conclusion that dreams are another way of life.  Everyone has a dream meaning  to explore at some time in their lives, but, have you ever asked the question why one particular dream sticks out in your mind more than any others?  Your dream meanings can give you valuable information about the past, present and the future.

The more you work with your dream meanings the more you will understand the hidden meaning that lies within the dreams.  You go off into another world in your dreams and a story starts to unfold about your life and the people within it.  This story is a set of circumstances that you have created in your mind based on how you process the informationfrom your everyday life.

You may find that you have a recurring dream and this can happen at various stages in your life often years apart.  As I have worked with my dream meanings I have been able to make a connection between another dimension and this life.  I have experienced communication from loved ones on the other side and I have received messages from my spirit guide.

I once woke up from a dream with a Siamese Cat chanting some very important information to me which was to prepare me for the next steps of my life.  I also believe that there is a bridge that we go to where we can communicate with our loved ones on the other side.  There have been many times when I have woken from a dream that gave me information about someone from the past who has passed over.

I believe that everything and everyone in the dream represents an aspect of our personality and every action is a result of our state of being.  The best person to interpret your dream is yourself, because you are the author, creator and actor of the dream.  You will not get a full interpretation of your dream from any dream dictionary because the dream situation is unique to you and your individual personality.  I have been interpreting dreams for over 20 years and have found that not only are the symbols, metaphors and images in the dreams very revealing, but, you can also change your life through understanding your dreams.

When someone comes to me for a dream consultation, I teach them how to keep a dream journal and how to get back into the sense of the dream.  Often people can’t remember who was in their dream with them, yet, when I ask them to say who they ‘felt’ was in the dream more information is forthcoming.

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