Rate Your Mate Test

By Gertrude: Sometimes we don’t know where we stand in a situation. It is even more confusing when our hearts are involved. Our emotions are stretched. Things might not be working out as we had hoped and imagined. 

Sit down with a refreshment, take a deep breath to participate in Rate Your Mate Test.

Clear your mind of all expectations, and come to a place where you are prepared and willing to be honest with yourself first and foremost. 

1. The First Principle of Love = Transparency 1gertrude7

When you look at your current love situation, how would you describe it? 

  • You are open and honest with yourself. You have realistic expectations and as a result your relationship is strong. 
  • There are sometimes issues around how I am feeling. I mostly feel great and get my needs met. 
  • You are unsure about where you stand. Things seem not to be moving forward. However, the connection is still there, so you are hoping things improve organically. 
  • One or both of you have trouble getting your message across and it seems you are more unfulfilled than ever. 
  • There is a break in the relationship and you are feeling lost right now. 

2. The Second Principle of Love = Acceptance

  • While things aren’t perfect, when issues come up, we work together to understand the things we need to accept that cannot be changed. 
  • You are trying to get your partner to change, but they are resistant. You see they are trying but there is inconsistency. 
  • You recognize change is needed and you are in the process of changing that. Within the relationship, your partner does not take responsibility for their part in an issue. 
  • You are seeking the wisdom to know the difference between what you can change and what you need to accept.
  • Right now your partner has closed down and is distant or not participating in the relationship. 

3. The Third Principle of Love = Respect

  • You have set boundaries and deal-breakers and you show your self-respect by staying true to them. Your partner values this most about you. 
  • You are still working on them and understand that boundaries also contain compromise. You are working with your partner to improve. 
  • You are finding it a struggle to know how to carry them forward. You have them and are trying to put them into practice. Within your relationship, your partner struggles to accept you standing your ground. 
  • You are at the beginning of your journey and are trying to fathom what they even mean. But you recognize that to respect yourself first is a core principle for inner wisdom.
  • You are lost right now and don’t understand why people treat you the way they do. You allow other people to make decisions for you or define or judge you. 

4. The Fourth Principle of Love = Realistic Expectations

  • You have a deep connection to nature and are aware of life’s natural progression. You have an adult relationship with those around you, and even when things go wrong, you never lose your sense of self. You aren’t trying to be perfect. 
  • You have found in the past the realistic expectations and your hearts illusions need to be separated. You are still finding your way, but you have come a long way. 
  • You are just beginning to understand that sometimes how you want things to be and how they have turned out very differently. You are happy with the progress you have made and you are continuing your journey. Turning you wisdom to hindsight. 
  • You are or have just come out of a tumultuous relationship, filled with passion and misunderstanding. Set with tears and blame. You are clinging right now, but you have that fire in your belly to get on solid ground. 
  • You are lost right now. But at the same time you are telling yourself and anyone who will listen how you know that this person who has captured your heart is your true destiny. That is it just a matter of time before everything turns in the opposite direction so you can get married and live happily ever after. 

5. The Fifth Principle of Love = Communicate

  • Over time you have developed a banter and communication with inner dialogue and with all of those around you. If you are struggling to understand a concept you ask. Being able to have a great conversation, even if you have concerns. Your triggers are off. 
  • There is always that little niggle in the back of your head when you overthink something that has been said and done. In general you are able to take the time you need before you react.  
  • You are passionate and expressive and sometimes you don’t hear what someone is saying or you find yourself where someone isn’t listening. Accusations and a lack of responsibility in others for what they contribute to a situation.
  • You are right in the middle of it. This is the biggest issue and block that is holding you back from having what you need. What you are trying to work on right now and you are at a stalemate. Now no-one is listening.
  • Communication has broken down. You have been blocked or not, had a meaningful conversation with the person who is in your heart.

As a Holistic Counselor, I would love to have a chat and offer any insight into your current situation. No matter where you are on the scale never doubt that you have the durability to maintain, create and strengthen your future. 

LOL (Love Our Life)


Love and Light,


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