Prayers For Travelling Save

When traveling any were you will have peace of mind knowing that you are safe and your family is safe. Even this goes for your journey in life. Helping you with all the stresses and anxiety that life brings. Are you worried about traveling on a Bus trains planes in a car, ship?

Well this is a negative state of mind what you are thinking is creating fear this can even stop you from traveling. This can even stop you moving forward in life, and if this is you? It is time to stop yourself from being limited in these areas, I can help you I am only a phone call or a live chat away.

But let’s look at fear, when you think that you are going to travel and you feel sick and break out in a sweat then this is all fear based and your mind is creating a block out of fear so this stops you on your journey. This can even stop you being in a relationship this is still called traveling safe because you want your relationship to be long term and once again fear can stop you with insecurities and you do not allow the process in traveling’s life road. And then you without you realizing this you are sabotaging your relationship. Career going on a holiday not getting your license in fear of driving and the list goes on. Is this you?

Prayer for traveling:

Mother father God I ask that you protect me to and from my destination so that I arrive safely I ask this through Jesus Christ.

Prayer for relationship:

Mother father God I ask that you help me with my relationship and renew my mind please remove all blockages that is holding me back.

Now these prayers work it is not about religion it is about asking and receiving and removing all fear that is holding you back. You do not see the air that you breath but you know it is there do you know that people fear the word what ifs this means what if this happens what if that happens once again a mindset of fear and this stops you from going forward do you really want to keep yourself limited? break free from the chains today. I dare you I know you can do this.

Limitation out of traveling life’s journey can be very frustrating not knowing where you are going and being too scared to go where you want to and this even goes for relationship anything in life so think hard of where you would like your life to go and where you want to travel to and be Safe .

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