Power Of Dreams

By Destiny: In this article I am bringing insight and clarity into the power of dreams and guidance on how you can work with your dreams to find healing and answers. I will explain how important the dream is to your everyday life and how you can receive inner guidance through your dreams. You can make decisions and understand yourself far better if you can become aware of the importance and significance of the dreams.

1destiny1 I am a great dreamer in every sense of the word and when I go off to sleep all sorts of things happen. It is through my curiosity in my dreams that I have become more aware over the years of their significance and meaning. I believe that the power of dreams is hugely underestimated and misunderstood, it is your subconscious talking to you. In other cases it can be your spirit guides or loved ones on the other side bringing you messages.

I was lucky enough to have a spiritual guru who like me had an interest in dreams and she helped me to make sense of them. I would relay my dream to her and she would encourage me to get back into the feeling of the dream. I may have forgotten who was in the dream, but when she asked “who did you feel was in the dream?”, I could place who it was.

It is a similar feeling to when you pick up things in a psychic reading as you go with what you feel. It is knowledge that comes to you and you cannot think it up because it doesn’t work in that way. I can see parallels with the story of your dreams and a psychic reading as the dream is foretelling certain aspects of your life.

There are some dreams that do turn out to be premonitions and I have had a few of those dreams. You have a knowing that they are premonitions as they have a different feeling to them as if they are flagged up to you. There are other dreams where you have had a visitation from a loved one on the other side.

This is very possible because when we are in the dream state we do enter a realm where the spirit world exists at times. They will be queuing up on a bridge waiting to get their messages to you. Then they will go back to their side of the bridge and will be able to move on with their souls.

You may wake up with a feeling that you have been visited by a loved one on the other side and it can be very comforting. I sense that dreams can initiate healing from loved ones on the other side, but also healing through the subconscious thoughts. If you understand the rs in the dreams, then you can get to work on making changes in your life.

Years of reading up and researching dreams have given me the ability to understand the workings of the dream. I know that sometimes people are fearful that if they dream of a loss then they feel it means they are going to lose something or someone precious. A dream of this nature does not mean that is going to happen. It quite often means that you are laying something to rest and this could be worries and concerns about someone.


Love and Light,


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