Outside The Box

By Isabella: Too many times we repeat the same level of thinking and doing, never stepping outside of the proverbial box. Often we compare ourselves to others in a similar field or we strive to travel their same road to success. Rarely do two people arrive at the same destiny by means of the exact same road.

isabella5 The most creative minds seek the most inventive solutions not by force of will but by mindful stillness. We have been taught to strive hard, that to be busy suggests a life of meaningful purpose. Yet some of the greatest entrepreneurs in the world became so, by unlearning the methods they were taught in college or the antiquated ways taught them by mentors and parents.

Unlearning and reweaving perceptions, habits, beliefs and thoughts which limit you, begins with introspective self-analysis and how you operate in this world. I have known many a scholar who never attended college and many a genius who learned by reading, observing and then incorporating his own imagination into the knowledge he gathered. If you have a vivid imagination and no fear of failure you can accomplish wondrous things. While primitive emotions may serve you in other areas of your life, when it comes to success, your thoughts are your greatest asset. Your thoughts, not the thoughts passed down to you from generational conditioning, but your own original ideas are the building blocks of greatness.

You have to define your own path and remove whatever fears, beliefs or hindrances have blocked you. The only way to access those limitations is to be still, embrace the silence and search deep within. Ask yourself the pertinent questions of what and why. What is blocking you? Why are you afraid?

When you truly begin the road of self-discovery, you unearth both the lowest and highest aspects of yourself. The more you search, the quicker solutions show up and you actually expand your conscious awareness. Mindfulness removes the ego and the lower emotions which often cloud perception. When you detach from the outcome and instead focus on the goal itself, you also remove other hindrances.

Becoming mindful is the road to becoming purposeful and when the fire of passion and purpose ignite, success is sure to follow.

Success is nothing more than purpose on fire. You were born on this beautiful of all planets to live life to the fullest extent, learning, growing, spiritually evolving and acquiring all you desire. As you navigate the negative terrain of a world determined to feed fear, poverty, limitation and turmoil, it is incumbent on you, to master your circumstances by rising above adversity. Tenacity, determination, courage and sheer willpower are the tools for overcoming challenges and resilience is the doorway to success.

Evaluate your beliefs and find the root of what caused you to subscribe to any particular dogma.

Hear yourself as you speak. Do you feed limitation or negative concepts?

Observe your behavior and what you feed emotionally, does it align to limitation or does it feed infinite possibilities. Remember, NOTHING is written in

Synchronize your beliefs with your actions and behavior. You cannot talk the talk but not walk the walk. Don’t be afraid to think “different” from the way other humans think. Yes, if you are walking a spiritual path, you are going to have mystical and unexplainable events and happenings which would freak out even the toughest people. Don’t try to explain it away or dismiss or diminish the magic.

Be authentic and throw all your passion into whatever you choose to create.

Finally, focus on the light, the love, the joy of being alive. Have faith in yourself and the heavenly hosts who assist helping you get what you speak of, dream of or hold in your thoughts and heart. KNOW whatever you believe will produce on some level.

You are only limited by your mind and there is nothing you can’t achieve if you believe in the impossible.

Love and Light,


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