Old School Mediumship

By Gertrude: As a child growing up, it was common for me to join my grandmother and my great grandmother in spirit board and automatic writing techniques. They were very resourceful. They played cards and used them as messages, rolled dice for insight. 

For many years, we have had celebrity mediums who are phenomenal. As a professional always wanting proof that none of this is hocus-pocus, I have spent many years researching for what was comfortable to me. In a sense, I often felt dejected because I could never prove anything I felt or ‘saw’. In the last few months, many of my clients will know that I have been very quiet since last September. 


Firstly, I moved and secondly, I devoted my studies to the Pan-psychic Sciences. The understanding that the universe is conscious. As well as knowing through science that our DNA remains in the universe after our bodies have passed. It is also handed down generations. 

How I go about mediumship is to have the intent to tap into any DNA that resonates around you from passed over loved ones. I never try to tap into the person I try and tap into the message. Now to take the matter out of my hands. So that I am in no way subconsciously moving to letters I have evolved by putting any messages completely in the hands of the spiritual energy attached to the DNA. 

I have some handmade antique golden dice and I collect white Cockatoo feathers from my psychic reading garden. I simply roll the dice on the board for a message, then take some white feathers and allow the natural breeze to let them land.

So many souls have passed suddenly and unexpectedly and many of you will be having spiritual awakenings yourself. More synchronistic and sentient messages and events. I would love to have an old school reading. I don’t need a question or the details of someone you might want to connect to. I find it more authentic to see what comes through first. 

Don’t hesitate to make an appointment for this type of reading as I have a room that I work from, so I would love to be completely prepared. However, while I am online I do have my table set for this type of reading. 

I also like to take the opportunity to in some way teach you to have a more hands-on experience in a spiritual and soulful sense. We all have the ability to communicate with our loved ones, however, often we aren’t sure how. We all have a unique way of expressing and understanding our psychic and mediumship abilities and I would love to spend some time exploring ways to contribute to expanding that. 

Having a deeper understanding and recognition of when we are being guided. Many of you, especially recently with all the new spiritual activity will be having more profound experiences especially with synchronicity. Things that can’t be missed. Right now the universe is showing us that physical distancing can actually increase social communication. Not just in a physical and emotional way, but also in a spiritual and soul pathway. 

If you are interested in using this method to get messages not just in terms of your spiritual connection, but also what areas they would like to highlight in your life. Through this method, I also do future love castings. In this sense, we use the technique to show the path. What signposts along the way are important. Again, I go straight to spirit and do not interfere with the process. 

Together in a modern way, we can apply some old school methods to pick up random messages from the Universe. This is an uplifting and nurturing experience. So if it is your first time, please be assured that I work in white light and with those who love you. I work directly with the cosmos and can also tap into any guiding stars that your celestial guardians and loved ones beam from. 

So if you would love to find out your personal love star, then I would love to do this for you. It can be used for past, present or future readings. If this is the time that you would like to take matters into your own hands, do things your way, but in a fashion that it has a great impact on others and your life as well, now is the time to get some insight.

While it is not essential if you would like this I would love for you to take a photo and email me. I will also take photos for you and send the images through emailing of the spirit board message. 

So this is a live and interactive session. One that we participate in together. I still get excited every time I do these readings and I hope to provide an experience where you feel completely connected to me as a reader. 


Love and Light,


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