Numerology: What Number Are You?

By Ann: Hello! Thank you for reading this article.

Life revolves around numbers and this is how you can make the changes for 2017. Often we travel through life and not even think of numbers and their meanings.

ann3 Like what your numerology results’ interpretation, you often ask, why things happen to me? Like you can be driving along and you see the same number over and over again. There is always an explanation why this is happening. The Angelic realm is trying to get your attention. It is nice to know that the Angels are looking out for us. I remember waking up and seeing 444 on my clock a few times and I was in midstream making a decision about something important in my life. Being who I am, I knew that this was the Angels guiding me on what to do and I listened and did exactly what they instructed.

Remember one thing; we are all numbered in this life. Are you a number 64, 74, 90, 20, 21, 100? What number is yours? We come into this world with a number. I know that I was born at midnight on the 31st of the 5th 1956 so, when I add these numbers up my number is (3). So how many cycles will I go through in this lifetime until my number is up? I went back home to the other dimension. I will not be dead; I will be in spirit form from where I come from. So, each experience that you encountered has been written for you to experience what you need to in this life. So many years later we still go through the grief of loss and how we want to be loved and in a happy relationship and being happy in a new career path. Time goes by so quickly and you know you can make the changes if you know how. The Prayer’s Angels and you can move mountains. Your belief system has to change. You need to think that there is more to life than what you see. Often, the case is, you want your loved one back and then they come back and you have not fixed anything from the past then how is it going to last? You will repeat the same pattern that broke you both up in the first place. So unless you work on things and make the changes while you have broken up and worked on yourself to try to understand why this has happened. How can you fix it? This is the good side to the question.

With prayer and Angels and you putting in the work on self and asking them to shed light on the subject or guiding you to someone that can be your life coach then, you will not repeat the old pattern because you have divine intervention. I would like you to have exactly what you want and need out of this life and to be happy. But you have to know how to get there; do you have inner peace right now? If the answer is No, then you need to obtain this to see clearly. Do you want people to like you? Then there are prices to pay and you become a doormat. Being a people pleaser, you do things for your friends for them to like you and the cycle goes on, then, you get resentful because they are not giving anything back. There are ways you go about things not with anger, not with sarcasm, but with love. This is what pays off in the end. And always keep in mind, when your partner says something to you that you do not like before, you react, ask yourself why he /she would have said that to you and what sort of a day they are having.

I can help you Make 2017 count. Do not waste any more time if your road that you are trying to go down does not work for you. Allow the Angels to help. Think about how far have you come into a situation, and if you have not, then you need to change the road you are going down because this is not working, but, please keep in mind time does not belong to us. Angels do not run by a clock, it goes by the numbers. Remember in the bible it says, Jesus Christ rose on the 3rd day, so this can mean that it might take 20 days or more for you and your partner to get back together. Only God has accurate timing and I am not God. The angels give us estimates to see what the person will do if they have to wait or change for the person they love or the person they love have to change. You can get through anything when you work with Numbers and Angels.


Talk soon!

Hugs and Love,


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