New Moon in Pisces – Dream Portals

By Melissa: In many traditional cultures dreaming is considered an all important dimension of life. Rather than seeing it as a separate realm whose use is largely confined to processing the unconscious contents of our lives, in dreaming cultures, dreams provided renewal, spiritual inspiration and meaning. In dreams, one sought guidance, information and healing for one’s waking life.

Something within the soul stirs and remembers the dream realm as a deep inner spring from which we will once more connect into to measure richer, more whole lives. We can take some time during this New Moon period to renew our connection to this source, and to plant the seeds and vision for that which we want to call forth into our lives, as we circle the end of this Astrological wheel to begin again at the Astrological New Year, on the Spring Equinox on March 20th.


In the sky at this time we have the Sun and Moon in Pisces along with Neptune, modern ruler of Pisces and Venus, exalted in Pisces forming a beautiful, ethereal choir of oceanic consciousness. This liminal energy is abundant and available for us to connect into, a welcome respite of healing and compassion after the rather intense and challenging bouts of fixed energies that marked the first two months of 2021.

This break can help us to refocus our emotional bodies and spirits as we tend to the new dreams and directions that are forming in our lives. For some of us, we are gestating or birthing new dreams that have been growing within us, and for others, this line up in Pisces helps us to connect in more deeply with our spiritual and healing process. However we are experiencing this high octave spiritual energy, we can ask the beautiful powers of life giving water to dissolve what no longer serves us at this time, and to help us dream, create and life what truly brings to our souls fulfillment and nourishment.

If you wish to connect more deeply to the power of your dreams to manifest wishes and intentions, you can use the below written ritual as a guide.

Pisces New Moon Intention Ritual
Connect to the water element at this New Moon. If you have access to a living body of water near you, you may choose to perform your ritual there. If you do not have access to a nature spot, you can fill a bowl with water.

Sit down comfortably and connect to the element of water by visualizing the life giving and sustaining power of the water. See the bodies of water on this Earth, clear, healthy, vibrant and alive. You may want to sing a song of gratitude or offer your loving energy of gratitude to the spirit of water.

Ask the spirit of water at this New Moon in Pisces to help you dissolve what no longer works in your life. You may ask it to release old emotional patterns and pains that are weighing you down. See the gentle, loving and compassionate power of water washing through you, cleansing, purifying and dissolving all you’re releasing.

Once that is complete, affirm that you are bringing in fresh new dreams in your life, and ask the spirit of water and the creative power of these Piscean energies to help you gestate and convey these dreams into reality.
Write down a maximum of 10 intentions/affirmations on a piece of paper. Write it as if it has already happened.

For example, I am doing work that I deeply love and it pays me abundantly and fulfills me creatively.

I am always connected to divine guidance, it fills my life with peace and grace.

Before closing the ritual you may offer a flower, a lit candle left burning, some food or the energy of your love and gratitude to the spirit of water. If you are at a natural spot you may want to pick some litter in the area.
Close and trust that it is done.


Love and Light,


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