Full Moon In Pisces 2021

By Melissa: A Brush with the Numinous 

21st September, 07:54 Kuala Lumpur, 09:54 Sydney.

20th September 19:54 EST 

Release and Celebrate

To flow, release and surrender, and touch the sacred in the process, are themes of this Full Moon in Pisces. 

There is a celebratory note to this Full Moon, even as we speak of flowing and surrendering, for this Full Moon takes on the mantle of Harvest Moon, marking the coming of the Autumnal Equinox. In Chinese tradition, the Mid Autumn festival is celebrated. This acknowledgement and celebration of our blessings is a joyful time that affirms all the good in our lives. 


Focus and Surrender 

The Sun in Virgo in the past weeks have directed our attention to the tending of our lives. We have paid attention to the myriad of details that are necessary for our lives to keep going. We put in the work to reap our harvest. Virgo teaches us to do what we need to, to the best of our capabilities, to keep life smooth and running. 

Virgo’s polar opposite is Pisces. This polarity teaches us to be grounded, and give our best in work and life with Virgo. With Pisces, we learn the limits of what we can understand, analyze, work on and control. It is here we learn to surrender, and experience something greater than ourselves. 

Pisces also teaches us to let go of the illusion of control. It is in this surrender that we can experience a true sense of freedom. This is freedom not of the mind but of the spirit as our ego dissolves, allowing us to feel our interconnectedness with all. 

Making space for the New & Celebrate 

As Full Moons are a time of culmination and release, consider what illusions, pain, stories or emotional patterns you wish to release. 

Pisces is connected to the cleansing and life giving waters of the ocean. As part of your ritual of release, you can take a cleansing dip in the sea.

A bath or final rinse with salt water also works. Affirm that as you let go, you make space for even more beauty, wonder and blessing in your life. Give thanks to the life giving power and beauty of water as it helps to transform and birth the newness and freshness in you. Remember to celebrate as you step out of the old into the new. The inspiring and deep feeling energy of Pisces makes it a wonderful time for connection, celebration, prayers and gratitude. 

Wishing you a blessed, happy Full Moon in Pisces.


Love and Light,


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