My Go-To Angel For Protection

By Melanie: When I was young I was raised Catholic, I was taught all the rules and expectations of the church. As I grew I didn’t like the restrictions, the exclusions and the fact the adults couldn’t answer many of my questions so I started seeking for answers outside of that specific thought.

1melanie2 Although I no longer am a practicing catholic there are several themes I always will keep with me. One major one is angels. Since I was a little girl I have loved and connected with angels. I’ve known they were real, I’ve been able to feel them, and my mom said when I was very young I could see them.

I have clients of all walks of life ask me all kinds of questions in readings, including how to protect themselves, are they cursed, is there a dark spirit following them, has anyone hexed them and so on. I have many layers to these answers and a general article does not take the place of an individual reading. If you have questions like these I recommend you reach out for a reading for a better picture. What I can tell everyone is you have to turn to your angels.

I want to be very clear here, I’m writing this about angels and not to instill fear in people. When it comes to things of the dark like curses, evil spirits, etc. I believe they only have power over you if you believe in them.

The angels are like our friends on the bench in a game just waiting to be called on. They can’t help unless we ask, that is what we call free will. Each angel has its own specialty, so in this particular article, we are discussing protection. My great protector angel and yours is Archangel Michael.

Whenever you feel fearful, worried, or in need of protection, call him to you. Archangel Michael is the strongest of all the angels and archangels. He is God’s warrior archangel. He is known for defeating evil demons and darkness. If you need help, call to him, as him to protect you, the words do not matter, it is the intention, ask him for his love his help and his safety.

The angels love us, they are pure love and light, no matter what some lost people believe. It has been my experience that every time I have called upon him for help, I have turned out not only victorious but more relaxed and at ease.

I have a special relationship with him and continue to work with him even when I am not in need so he knows I’m thankful for his help even when I don’t need him.

There is nothing in this world that beings of pure light and love can’t overcome, in all my years of spiritual work, this has been proven to me time and again. I am only sharing with you what I have lived. The key importance here is to continue with the connection, call upon him and make sure you tell him you need help.

With your angels on your side you’ll feel better and less fear, just like me. Remember, if you need additional support, reach out for further guidance.

I wish you all lots of blessings each and every day.


Love and Light,


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