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By Chelsea: Does your money situation have you down in the dumps? I can’t say that most people aren’t feeling the same way these days. And most people believe they will never get out of the 9 to 5 grind and living paycheck to paycheck. But it’s that belief that’s making them stay in living paycheck to paycheck. Let me explain.

Money is energy, and this unique energy is essential for happiness, comfort, and safety. It’s vital even if we don’t want to believe it. What do you believe about your situation and money in general? Believe it or not, you likely hold some beliefs that you acquired through childhood and even early adulthood. And those very beliefs about money block your inflow at the subconscious level. It’s time for you and your money to reconcile!  


…and that means you must ask yourself the tough questions to find out what those beliefs are.

…and, likely, you won’t feel comfortable with what you find out. But be kind to yourself and realize that once you know what those beliefs are, you’ve now called out the elephant in the room. It’s now in your conscious mind and now you work on things. Once you remove the blocks these beliefs cause, you’ll see your inflow getting so much faster/easier/greater. It will feel completely natural. This is not a delusion; your beliefs have now changed your future.  

So now it starts. We’re going to peel away the layers of your relationship with money as time goes by until we’re down to your core level. Get yourself comfy, grab a cup of tea, and get a soft blanket.  Make sure you have a notebook and a pen. Get some snacks within reach too. Light a couple of candles. Put on some soft relaxing music. Are you ready for a journaling experience? Let’s go.

  1.  Close your eyes and say the word ‘money.’ Jot down ten things the sound of the word money makes you feel and think.  It can be happy, exhilarated, energized, embarrassed, sad, or anxious… Whatever.  For some people, it suggests things involving other senses. Bitter, Green, Itchy… Anything. All these things have a psychological/subconscious connection for you to circumstances you’ve witnessed or endured in your life.   

Which of these words is negative? Circle the ones that are; we’ll explore those later.

Now answer these questions:

Do you think you deserve money? Do you believe you will one day be rich?  Or not? What do you think of wealthy people? What do you think of poor people? Do you feel like there is never enough money? Do you feel like you’re always worried about where the next money will come from?

  1.  Let’s start to get deeper. Let’s talk about your childhood. Answer these questions.

Did you grow up in the middle class, in poverty, or in wealth? Did your parents argue about money?  If so, what was the stressor? Did they always have money? Were they open about spending or so closed that they didn’t even talk about it?

Now take each of the answers you’ve written down, and identify if you feel the same way or handle money the same way as was modeled for you growing up? What are your core beliefs about what you wrote down? An example… My family was poor. Core beliefs from that: Not ever safe, not ever comfortable. You do not deserve the money.  

Do that for both positive and negative statements.

  1.  Now inventory, just like in #2, your early adult life. What has your experience with money led you to believe?  Were you around others that influenced your beliefs?  
  2. Take the negative statements from 1, 2, and 3. Make a list. Leave a few lines between each of the negatives because there is more to do!

When finished with your list, please write down why each of those is false.  Now write down an example of someone that has PROVEN to you or the world that this is false. Remember, if they can, you can too.  

Now rewrite the statement to reflect the positive aspect of what that person did. 


“I don’t deserve the rags to riches lifestyle. I was born poor, and I won’t forget my roots”

Proof this is false: Oprah Winfrey, Johnny Depp, Bill Gates, etc.

Corrected statement: Money is neutral and does not decide if you are deserving.  The money you have is a direct result of your choices.

Do that with all your statements. And remember, while doing this, there is no shame in wanting to thrive and be happy in your life and your world!  

Every one of your negative statements is the manifestation of a subconscious or spiritual block you have with money. Now we work on removing/releasing them.

  1. Take all your positive statements from number 1. Create a new list of these, and now add to that list your rewritten statements from number 4.  

Pro tip:  You are explicitly trying to decriminalize the money. Money didn’t judge you. Money didn’t skip over you. Lack of money didn’t make you feel unsafe, etc. Choices and surrounding circumstances did. Money is neutral.  Acknowledge this fact with each statement, bless the old circumstances that caused this, and release them with a strong exhale. You will see a difference in your relationship with money, starting ….  Now.

If you have trouble releasing your blocks or have any questions about how to better your relationship with money, I’m happy to help you out in chat right here on  Blessings and Abundance!


Love and Light,


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