Miracles Do Happen

By Ann: This is based on a true story, her name is Angelina and His name is Elf. In November 2016 I spoke to Angelina, she was at a very low time in her life. She’s still in love with her ex who she had parted with three months prior. Lost all faith in the angelic realm and very skeptical, The Angels told her “would you like to get back with the one you love?” Her reply was “Yes. I do want to be back with him”.

ann3 The Angels guided her how to go about this and she followed exactly what they had suggested. Angelina has her free will and she could have said no to the angels who work through me. Now she is seeing this guy and it may not be a full-on relationship. There is no doubt in this relationship things are going steady for Angelina and she had changed a lot in the 12 months working with the Angels. She had a lot of melt downs along the way. But through each melt down, she has learned how the negative forces work and how they create separation. You see, Elf had an ex who put him down all the time. He has two children, and nothing was good enough for his ex. This is what he used to think, and he thought the same when he was with Angelina. Nothing he did was good enough in the past. Elf and Angelina had hard lives. Losing her father and having to bring two children up on her own and Elf dealing with self -esteem issues. They are working on their relationship and it will be better than it was before, but this time because Elf has learned to take the lead, this has built up his self-esteem. Angelina is a born leader and she would lead Elf when they were together before.

Now she must surrender and allow Elf to take the lead. On other things, they would both discuss things together and then both would be on the same page. Angelina knew not to bring up Elf’s ex anymore to him because this makes Elf not feeling like a man and felt being controlled by Angelina thinking that he was not strong enough to say no to his ex and she wanted him to have the children when Angelina and Elf had their time together. So, Elf used to run to the ex and have the children in fear of losing and not being a good father. Let’s get one things straight, it was not Angelina being controlling, she was protecting her relationship, but Elf took it the wrong way as being in control. We can all take things the wrong way. Working with Angelina and directing her through the Angelic realm like a roller coaster journey. She is such a beautiful soul and as well a caring and loving person. I was blessed helping her through the Angels and it would have been hard for her bringing up two boys on her own and not having the support. All Angelina wanted is to be loved and with Elf having all the family together. For her, this is a Miracle because this is all happening for her.

There are so many people the Angels are helping and once you are one of them, you forget where you once were. There was another client, let’s call her Jill. Her husband went out with another woman and got her pregnant even though they had a child of their own. He went to someone else left his wife and impregnates that girl. My client was also at a low time in her life and shattered. You can only imagine how she was feeling. She asked the Angels heart wrenching stuff through me, things that we can do on this matter. I told her what the Angels have said. “We can work together.” and I suggested her that if she follow the Angels, they will guide her and will get her family back. She loved her husband so much regardless of what has happened and what he did to her, the betrayal was heart breaking. I worked with this lady for less than 12 months and she is back with her husband and their daughter is happy having daddy back home this is a miracle. Jill is a pleasure to work with I was truly blessed to be the vessel to help these two souls get where they needed to be in their lives.

Angels are there to hear you, help you, love you, protect you and comfort you. People do crazy things and we all mess up. There are no perfect human beings. I am now better than anyone else, the only difference is I am connected to the angelic realm and obtain inner peace. And have been like this from when I can remember from the age of two.

We often hear of survivors of near misses, they may be some accidents of some other form or calamity. You can hear most of them saying “I had been a few seconds earlier or a few seconds later. I could have died.” It is all not because of timing, it is called fate or divine intervention. you were not meant to be there at the time. The Angels reach out to you in so many ways trying to get your attention.

Miracles do happen every second of the day. There is not one thing that is too hard for the Angels.


If you have any questions, please contact me.

Hugs and Love,


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