Make The Change: 2017

By Ann: Hello everyone! Christmas is just behind us and so many things that you have been waiting for things to happen, I can understand how you feel. But the thing is, there isn’t any time the way we know it to be, let me explain, soon means days or weeks it will happen or it can mean months. Until a person is ready to move forward, they will not, No matter how you try to control the situation, it still will not happen.

sylvia3 When everything is done with love and patience, things happen, but the problem is you have to clean up the mess you created before this happen, the separation that was created. And this does not come with doing no work on it by you saying I will wait for him /her to come to me. They can make the effort; this is a form of control. This will not work either. You see, what you have to remember is that we are all individuals and no one is the same. What you may think, he/she should or could do is not right because you are trying to control the situation, this will only create separation.

Let’s go one step further, OK, you say “If he or she loved me then they would not be doing this to me?”, often the case is the other person has issues and you are not a mind reader, then your thought process is only made up of negative thoughts. What you have created in your own mind, the high expectations on how he/she should respond and act if they truly love you.

The problem is do you know love? Do you know what emotion is? When you take out the control and expectation on how you want your partner to be or the person you are waiting for, where is love then? You see, Love and giving the person the time to get their situation right might look simple, you do not have to wait, you can move on and if you moved on, this is your free will but can you say that you were truly in love.

Let me get this straight, there is no accurate time. There is only estimates, do not go under the grand illusion that there is accurate time. New Year’s day is upon us and the thing is how will you feel on this day? Will you be with your loved ones and have happy times and share gifts and make this day special? But this is only one day, what about all the rest of the days of the year? Do you give love out genuine love? This is a feeling of peace and warmth towards another person.

Let me also say that you can delay time as well with what you do, like pressuring the other person and what you say can hurt the other person, and then you find that the person retreats and does not talk to you for weeks or is very cold and distant. You have to remove expectations, unless, you do this, I will say again know relationship will  work for the both of you.

Make the change for 2017 you can do it try to love unconditionally and throw out the window control and expectations. Allow the other person to be ready when they are meant to be. Have you heard of destiny?  It means it will still happen but, you have to believe and ask the Angels to help you. Whatever you want out of this life, you can achieve but, you have to run the distance, do not watch the clock about your life going fast as it is each day is one day less. We have to be thankful for what you have and never worry about what you do not have.

We all want change and this is good growth in your own personal life, and it is going to happen in 2017. But, you need to allow the changes and do not fear it. The thing is, fear will stop you from getting what you want. Most people fear everything in their lives and are miserable. You do not have to be this way, brave it! Move past fears and blocks.

If you need help with overcoming fears just ask me. Come onto life reader and I will listen and help guide you through the Angels. Yes, I Know you can say nothing has happened for me when I have asked God or the Angels. The thing is, they work on this in their time not ours. Even I do not know their time, so how can I give you accurate time? I only get estimates.  I get told to give you, but, you need to be patient with all things. This is all you have to do and live your lives as if this was your last day. So make 2017 count for you. I dare you to be different and overcome all fears that stop you from doing what you want. And most of all the biggest fear is the fear of loss.


Happy Holidays to readers of this article!

Much love and Hugs,


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