Lunar Eclipse In Sagittarius

By Melissa: 26th of May 2021 

The Eclipse Effect

We have arrived in the middle of the year with an opening Lunar Eclipse, followed by a Solar Eclipse in 2 weeks. 

Eclipses serve as a doorway into our destinies. This is especially true if they touch a personal planet in your Natal Chart. This pair of Eclipses especially impact the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. 

Potent endings and beginnings are associated with Eclipses. A Lunar Eclipse is a Full Moon where the Moon is obscured from view. This can feel like all the bright lights turned on after a night partying and dancing in the dark. Suddenly there is a glaring contrast. It can feel stark, the comforting embrace of nurturing lunar energies nowhere to be found. 

Truth and Illusion 


Sagittarius the Archer aims it’s bow towards the truth. The Moon in this sign finds it’s emotional anchor in having a guiding vision or truth to believe in. What we believe, and the emotional impact it has on our lives and others may be coming up now. 

Spiritual teachings and truth may also be tested at this time. Are there outmoded guiding beliefs or teachings that no longer ring true for you? This Eclipse may denote an ending of a vision. What was once true for you may no longer be so. 

The Moon in Sagittarius is in opposition to the Sun in Gemini. Joining the Sun here is Mercury and Venus. Mercury, ruler of Gemini, is the cosmic trickster and messenger of the Gods. Together with Venus, Mercury is being squared by Neptune in the sign of Pisces. 

The higher expression of this aspect speaks to working out the challenge of communicating soulful and spiritual ideas with beauty and intelligence. The other end of the spectrum speaks to illusion, deceptive communication and even lies that obscure truth. 

Our communications with others now may be centered around finding what is true for ourselves, sorting out beliefs and information that is vying for our attention. 

Taking a step back 

It may feel urgent now, but confusing and potentially frustrating if we try to grasp information needed to move forward. Mercury is going Retrograde in a few days, signalling the need to be

patient and turn inwards for answers. Mercury Retrograde promises a non linear sequence of information and communication. 

It is not a good time to push forward towards a conclusion, or to launch or initiate a new venture. 

For those whose personal chart is touched by the Eclipses, this can feel like a portal or vortex that has one feeling raw, edgy and sensitive. Since we are lacking in the nurturing Moon energies at this time, it will help to initiate more ‘Yin’ practices. That is making sure you are grounded, properly hydrated, perhaps taking time out to practice some Yin Yoga, or deliberately unplugging and resting.


Love and Light,


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