Love Quiz: How Can I Tell What He Is Thinking And Feeling About Me?

By Gertrude: So there is someone who has caught your attention and you are wondering what they think about you. One of the ways to work this out is make a checklist of what works when two people are falling in love. 

1. Friendships that are created, whether they are romantic or platonic are the nectar for our soul. So it is important that as you are developing feelings your trusted friends are on board and encouraging. Friends are also a way of connecting with a future partner. 


Don’t set yourself limits and be open to widening your inner circle. Friendships also have wonderful social advantages as well as often friends feeling neglected when you or the other person is in a new and budding relationship.

Of course, time is important. A clear sign that someone is interested in you, will be that they invite you to gatherings with their friends and you begin to fully integrate into their lives. As well as being able to bring a new potential partner into your way of living and that they will flow with your friends too. 

Give yourself 10 points if you are being invited to social gatherings in each others lives. 

2. In this exercise, we review your growth and emotional intelligence as well as being able to take a realistic view of where the other person is as well. Of course, it isn’t always easy to assess, even with ourselves. Often we can let our hearts illusion outweigh what the reality of the situation is. Because our growth is served both in and outside of a romantic connection. While we might have a responsible attitude to life, our emotions are a powerful trigger. It makes us feel vulnerable.

When we look for this, it is important to know what has happened in past relationships, not just in terms of your love interest but also in terms of how you have handled things in the past, The best approach to a level of understanding is in being authentic. 

This starts with our thoughts, that always produces the words and the actions from there. If someone is inauthentic they will say one thing and not back it up by following through. Also, it is important not to try to change parts of your own personality, in order to have more in common. 

These are the fundamentals of taking a relationship to the next level. 

Give yourself 10 points if you are self-reliant and the other person is as good as there word. 

3. How are you valued and how you value. A relationship is going forward when respect and a value is placed on each other, blossoms. So now is the time that you are teaching the other person how to treat you. You are setting the boundaries for how you will accept love. 

This works the other way. Love is a two-way street and can only be successful if both of us are equal in what we give and take.

Continue with your own passions and follow your separate and equally important path. Make sure there is no imbalance. Respect is shown by returned messages, staying true to arrangements and being thoughtful and considerate. 

If you are on a dating line, then you must be assured that if you are truly looking for love, then you come to an agreement about having a profile while dating. These are deal breakers and without them, the relationship has not structure. 

This is not about enforcing rules, it is about common courtesy. If you are being constantly let down in that regard, view that as a red flag. 

Value exists in also wanting to share things, new experiences. It is given when you both are making plans to take on new activities and to fully encompass those things that have made us who we are today. The person you want them to fall in love with, as you want to fall in love with someone who has the same values. 

Give yourself 10 points if you have placed firm value on yourself and are not prepared to deal break yourself. 

4. Upholding the Standards for a healthy relationship. I know because you’re reading this that perhaps that is one of the things that are lacking for you right now. It is a very important ingredient. And it must uphold both of you without compromise. This is non-negotiable. As it is the ballast that keeps you afloat and provides safety when things hit rough passage. 

We aren’t looking for the perfect relationship, but we are looking for a relationship that has the perfect set of ingredients. So don’t let yourself down in that regard and don’t allow yourself to be let down in that regard. 

If you are finding life a powerful and rewarding experience then you are definitely on the right track. However, if you are looking for a relationship Then it must be because you are ready and not because you feel you are lacking. This starts with being honest from the beginning. If you are looking to be in a relationship, then say so at the start. There is no point in “let’s wait and see” attitude that lacks basic structure respect and intention. 

This is the time to elevate yourself so that you have all that you need. And you are not settling for second best. Make sure that your life experiences are exactly what you deserve. The right to love and be loved in return. 

Don’t be seduced by unavailability. You can actually be intoxicating because it makes the time you’re together more exciting. Often we’re in situations where we simply can’t be together all the time.However, it is making sure that those times of quality and not just when it suits one or the other. More random less structured. This doesn’t help strengthen the fabric needed for a strong bond.

Give yourself 10 points if you are upholding the standards needed, and the other person is upholding those standards to. 

5. Does everyone know what they want? Remembering that wants and needs are two different things. What we want might not be good for us. And what we need might not be palatable. This is where clarity and purity in a relationship and that your intentions are the same. 

This doesn’t mean that you have a ledger with everything that needs to be done. I’ve fixed a plan or blueprint. But in terms of who you are or what your long term goals are and how you intend to achieve them is very important. When considering how a relationship is going in its very early stages. 

If you were already in an established relationship and this is still an issue. Time to step aside. Right now all you need to do is recognize what it is that you want. There is no time like the present to ask yourself that question. If you are unsure on any of the points to make it a reality, don’t worry. Because right here right now you will do what it takes to find the answer. 

This can be a thoroughly enjoying exercise. With no limits or boundaries. Just maintaining an honest and realistic overview. Listen to what the other person wants for the future. Listen to your own wants for the future. Do they match? Do they dovetail? This always indicates the level of seriousness that someone is taking with relationships.

While everyone is different it is certainly achievable when two people really are trying to fit all the pieces of their life together to make one big piece. 

Give yourself 10 points if you know what you want and your love interest does too. 

6. The Investment. The best investment you can ever make is the one you make yourself. When you meet like-minded person they want to share that with you. There is no jealousy your competition is simply two people trying to boost one another to a higher level of life and living. Are you interested in you. Do you put yourself first in a healthy way or do you put others well before you putting yourself in a situation that you feel lost or exhausted. 

The energy within any relationship is recycled. The greater the investment the better the outcome. But it all starts with you. You both have the confidence to tell each other what it is that you want in life. 

Investment comes in all forms. Well, we can’t always prioritize another person. We can put investments in other areas so that in times when we need to do our own thing we’re busy, The other person feels confident and at ease. This comes as a result of you both investing in yourself as each other.

This never needs to feel like a heavy conversation. In fact, there will be a natural flowing with this as you communicate go on a deeper level and really truly get to know one another better. The other person needs to share your enthusiasm for the time that you spend together. 

Give yourself 10 points if you and your love are Investing.

I would like to have a chat with you about your personal and current situation. I am a holistic counselor and use traditional life coaching methods along with metaphysical ability. I’m really looking forward to chatting with you and getting some insights on how you can move forward.


Love and Light,


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