Love Pizzaz – Are You Love Stuck?

By Gertrude: When we are in a relationship and it hits a plateau, this can take many forms. For some relationships, the first thing to be affected is our communication. We may find that everything has been going okay, then suddenly communication completely stops or seemingly doesn’t have the same zest or enthusiasm.

It can also be that the relationship and communication are still there, however, it isn’t being moved forward to the next stage. While no one is unhappy or there are major issues. The person that you are in a relationship, seems to be in a loop. They seem happy to have things stay as they are.


In some instances, you may find yourself confused due to the fact the other person has suddenly shut things down and no longer is pursuing a relationship. This leads to a lot of confusion. Sometimes we feel that the other person needs to give us closure. What is really important here is that closure is far too precious to give to someone else. Closure is ours and ours alone to come to terms with. It is our right to protect ourselves in this way. Quite often the closure is that the person simply doesn’t have emotional intelligence.

As a qualified Psychologist [London – UK] and a Holistic Counselor [Australia], I have many clients who are conflicted by this stage of a relationship. Every single person is unique and the relationship has its own specific issues. No two are ever the same. As a reader, I will look into your individual set of circumstances. I am here to listen to and support you. So please don’t hesitate to have a consultation with me, as I am non-judgemental and always looking out for your best interests and outcomes.

As we mature we take on more responsibilities so there are many reasons why a relationship gets stuck no matter what your personal circumstances are. Often due to normal life pressures, we find that the person we love simply can’t cope. While it is difficult for you to not take this personally, sometimes the feeling of overwhelming responsibilities, not just regarding the relationship but the real bare knuckles of financial, health and future foundations. So much needs to be taken into consideration.

Most of all we believe that Love Conquers All. Just because someone can’t be in a relationship with you doesn’t mean they don’t love you. Love to be successful is a combination of ingredients and like a Swiss watch, all the cogs need to be in sync.

This is a great time to reassess. And the very best time to invest. This is your meantime. Often taking the focus off the other person and the focus back to you. So bring a relationship back so that it has pizzazz needs both of you, that is for sure. However, someone may have to initiate the change. That may be you. So for now, it is important to change the direction you are facing to straight ahead. You are now about to actively participate in creating the needed changes on your side, to initiate an equal response.

Understand that things didn’t get to this point overnight. So we also know that the results won’t be immediate. The winds of change are here, change is always confronting even when it’s in our best interest. Right now, it is a good idea if you can write down all the times you made change and it was a great outcome. Remember that time prior to this love connection, before you knew them before you decided to take hold of their issues and problems. Then imagine you have let them go.

Often we can use outside influences as the reason we procrastinate from making a decision. The one that I hear most these days, is, I can’t make the change because of covid lockdowns and restrictions. While that is true, in reality, we may be physically distancing. And at the same time socially reconnecting. Our technologies are growing and expanding, you are growing and expanding with it.

The most successful resolution to this problem is to nip it in the bud. Don’t enable this to progress to a point where you are missing out on your own natural life opportunities. Now is the time to shed those things that no longer serve your best purpose or outcome. Think over the emotional consequences of using your energy, thoughts and actions to this one subject. Especially when thinking won’t solve the problem

Now is definitely the time to reclaim your independence as well as your individuality. Remember a time where you were happy, a time of laughter and great expectation. Because this is also your time right now. You have just forgotten for the moment. If you would like to go further into this with me, please don’t hesitate to book your consultation. I would love to work with you to bring out all the potential and positive outcomes that are unfolding for you in the background.


Love and Light,


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