Love Is In The Air

By Katerina: Here in the Southern Hemisphere, we are now 1 month into Spring, around us nature is starting to revitalize and come back to life after the cooler winter months, we see the baby animals and the trees and plants flowering in their beautiful colors. It is only natural then that our own thoughts turn with the cycle of the season to love and companionship. Love, it is a funny thing, a strange thing even. How do we attract the one we want and how do we know that the one we want is the one we need?

The answer to both of those questions is not as complicated as it would seem. To answer the question, let us look at the tarot, specifically let us look at the Empress Card in the tarot. The empress card will teach us how to attract the love we so deeply desire.

First, let us look at some of the key positive aspects of the Empress herself. Traditionally she is a card of fertility and abundance, she also represents sensuality and feminine beauty, nurturing and creativity. 1katerina2 As with all the cards the Empress in the reverse shows us her negative aspects, we see a lack of fertility and a lack of abundance, we see insecurity, disharmony, negligence, and a tendency towards being overbearing. If we were to be completely honest each one of us has within us the ability to show all these aspects at one time or another.

Let us look at the law of attraction. This simple law is found throughout many cultures and many different belief systems. Put simply however, the law of attraction teaches us that we will attract what we focus on. Now that is where most people stop and that in itself can be powerful. However, taking it a step deeper, we learn that we attract not only what we are focusing on, but we attract the energy that we are creating. In other words, if I harbour within me a deep sense of insecurity and desperation for love, then no matter what face I paint on or how much I focus on attracting true love, I will simply continue to attract someone who does not see the absolute value in me. Simply stated, we can not give out of what we don’t have and if we are not nurturing and loving ourselves and appreciating our own value, then we will never attract someone that sees our value or has full confidence in themselves.

Now we go back to our Empress, the person who knows how to be comfortable in their own skin, who knows how to feel and be comfortable in their sensuality. The person who sees the abundance and blessing all around them and has an attitude of gratitude for the things that they do have rather than focusing on the things that they do not have. The person who knows how to nurture themselves and out of the abundance of self-love and self-nurture has an overflow of love and ability to nurture others. The person who has such a sense of their own value and inner beauty that it shines out of them like a beautiful beacon of radiance that no amount of shadow can hide. This is the lesson of love that our Empress can teach us, a lesson of self-love, a lesson of abundance and it is out of this abundance that radiates from us we will draw to us the same fullness of love from another. This is the secret of love, of how to make sure that the one you attract is also the one that you need.


Love and Light,


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