Dream Interpretation

By Katerina: What I love to do is use my skills to help you uncover the messages in your dreams. Understanding a dream is like solving an intricate puzzle and finding out the pieces that fit together and discovering the hidden picture within. By looking at your dream from various angles and connecting with the spirit world we will find out the meaning of your dream and deliver the message for you in a way that gives you clarity and understanding.

Why do we dream?
1katerina2 Dreaming is the communication that takes place between our conscious mind and our unconscious mind. This helps us to create a wholeness within us. Our dreams are like bridges between our inner and outer worlds linking our minds from what we think we know to what we really know deep down. Dreams are also a way that Spirit uses to communicate to us. Whether the communication is from our own subconscious or from Spirit it is in the languages of symbols and associations.

Our dreams are where we can play out experiences and emotions and process the information and events that we may not be able to process in our waking moment for a variety of reasons. It is the place where both our deepest desires and our deepest wounds are revealed as they come to life. It is for this reason that dreams can help you gain a better understanding and insight into yourself and reveal the messages your subconscious and the spirit world are trying to relay to you.

How to analyse your dreams

  • Throw out the rule book

I mean it. Forget the idea that there are hard and fast rules for interpretation. As someone skilled in dream interpretation I have discovered that each person is individual and so their dream language is also individual. I have learnt to ask the divine for guidance each time. For example, while seeing the color red in a dream for one person may represent love and passion for another it may represent anger. For this reason, it is important to gain an understanding of your own language and ask yourself what does this represent for me?

  • Record your Dreams

My next suggestion is to keep a notebook and pen beside your bed used solely for the use of recording your dreams as soon as you wake up. You may only start off with vague recollections at first however as you continue to record your dreams your recollection of them will improve. Again, there are no rules and a few dot points of the main ideas will be enough for some while others will need to note down everything so they can come back time and again.

  • Think about how you felt

Take a moment to reflect not just on the details about your dream but also on the feelings and emotions evoked by the dream. Were you angry? Happy? Sad? Peaceful? Did you feel overwhelmed? Protected? Alone? Secure? Along with the record of the details record the feelings and emotions that came up as these also will help you in understanding your dream language.

Closing advice

Over time, as you start to  fill your journal pages you will start to see the  patterns emerge that will empower you to identify patterns of thought and symbolic language that your brain uses to communicate the messages of your subconscious and the messages of the spirit world. In doing so always remember the 4 common mistakes that are made by any individual:

  • Don’t think you have all the answers – nobody does
  • Don’t entirely dismiss everything – you will likely miss something important
  • Don’t entirely believe everything – you will likely become ungrounded 
  • Don’t obsess over a dream asking incessant questions that leave you more confused than empowered.

It is important as we work with anything of the spirit that we take a grounded and balanced approach. Be empowered by your dreams not disempowered. Approach it in a way that gives you hope and clarity not confusion or despair. Remember, you are the master of your own fate and if at any stage you feel that you have an important message coming in your dreams that you want help understanding then reach out to an experienced dream interpreter for a reading of your dream. 1katerina2

Love, Light and Blessings, 


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