Love Always Wins

By Ann: So many times, you think that love is gone forever and that you’re never going to get what you want and often the case is, you’re looking at it logically thinking that if a person doesn’t call you they’re not interested. Or if they do not see you, they are not interested, but you forget that people go through their own problems, in their own time you cannot control someone to be with you.

They choose to be with you because of how they feel, and how they love you, if they back off, it does not mean that they do not think of you. Or they still do not love you it just means they are looking for their own space, and everybody is entitled to that. I can understand how you would feel insecure and fear would creep into your mind, you would think if he/she loved you.


He/she will call me or he/she would take my call, but he doesn’t do any of that, so once again you feel rejected and he/she feels that you are unloved by this person. Let me tell you, this is further from the truth. In some cases, a person will not call you because they do not want to be with you, or have anything to do with you, and this is reality.

For others, it is their way of escaping. For a time, but, often the case is they will come back weeks or months later and it can even be years later. This is a really big thing when you think about it, haven’t you met someone that you haven’t seen for years and they just rocked up in a day? And it’s like there’s been no time passed. That is how it is with love. Childhood Sweethearts go on their different journeys for 20 to 30 years and end up back together after so long, you wouldn’t think that was possible. If you believe in miracles, then miracles happen.

Destiny has a way of bringing two people back together and at that time, you think it is the most impossible thing and wonder how it ever happened. But it does, because the angelic realm gets involved to fulfill your true destiny, I understand that we lose faith and sight of how life can be. And we often think that we are cursed, Life is dishing a bad hand, you are not finding love, you’ve lost the love of your life, or you are frightened of losing the love of your life. And you live in fear, and this is not going to get you anywhere.

Living in fear, you are only giving the negative forces triumph over you by keeping you limited to fear, Why do that? I would rather turn to God and the Angels, knowing they are on my side. I can have anything I asked for because God said, “Throw all your anxieties upon me and I will be there for you, ask you will be given, seek and you will find.”. How hard is that?

We are responsible for our own actions. We cannot blame anybody else for what happens to us, it is all through our own thought-forms and what we believe. Controlling and manipulating another person will not work like that. I am totally compassionate to your needs and I totally understand the grief that is attached to losing a loved one physically or even death. It has the same pain and the same attachment. But seriously, when you really looked at life itself, you were seeing that there is a lot more to it. By looking around during this pandemic, and it’s not so good thing at all, a lot of people are lost, a lot of people have passed over and a lot of people do not understand why this could happen to us. If there is a God, why would he let this happen?

Here’s the story, you need to have the faith that God is not in control of what humans do, they have free will. “If God is for us, who can be against us?”. He is there to protect you. And He always will be because miracles happen even though you may not think that. The mind can give you thoughts that send your emotions into a spin. Do you measure your intelligence this way? Your ability, to think, to analyse, to understand it all comes from the mind. Your mind has far greater capacity than you have allowed it. If you were to allow yourself to explore its full ability, in order that you reach its full potential. You would find it would open many new possibilities, and dimensions for you.

We contend it is fear that holds us back, it is fear going beyond what you perceive to be normal to be acceptable. Spirits have come here to share with you messages of love and to wake the love within you the sense of feeling from the heart, rather than the mind, the spirit also wishes to encourage you to have an expansion of the mind, not to have the feeling of the mind, but to have expansion in your thinking. In your creativity, when you feel with the heart and place no limits on your mind. Your potential is vast. I would wish for humans to achieve this balance. Love always wins in the end. The Angels and the Archangels are there for you. Have you ever turned around and asked for what you need, want and like your life to be?

You can ask them for anything, they will go back to God and ask him for permission for you to be granted what you have asked for. Of course, let’s not forget the greatest teacher, Jesus Christ. He was the best salesman on the earth, the Bible sells far more than any other book in the whole entire world. It is really simple, we all need to love one another and love always wins in the end. We all need to pull together as a team.


Love and Light,


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