Karmic Relationship

By Melanie: A typical person has multiple romantic relationships throughout a lifetime. There are different types of relationships, different types of people we are attracted to and that are attracted to us. There are Soul Mates, Twin Flames, and another I call a Karmic partner.

1melanie2 Let’s take a step back and define what Karma is before we get into what a Karmic partner is. Most people are familiar with the spiritual concept of Karma this has to do with a person’s behaviors and actions, of now and previous lifetimes can affect their current time and future. For example, if someone says “karma will get them” if an individual is not making good choices or being nasty to others, that’s basically stating that karma will return that type of behavior or equal action eventually. Karma teaches lessons, spiritual lessons that what we put out energetically to others, we get back, so it is really important to reflect how we treat others, an old phrase my mother used to say was “treat others how you want to be treated” and this rings extremely true here.

So what is a Karmic Relationship then? A person can have multiple karmic relationships in their lives. The majority of the readings I do for clients are relationship based. In each relationship we are brought to people, or people are brought to us for us to learn, to grow, and to challenge each other. Before we settle down with the right person, the person we are meant to be with, before we become a sovereign, complete individual, we need to clear up some karmic lessons from the past. This karma regarding relationships is karma we could have brought with us from other life times or karma we developed in this lifetime as we grew, things we need to learn, lessons for us to go through before we are ready to be our own, grown, complete individual for a proper soul relationship. Here’s where the karma partnerships come in.

A Karmic relationship, and/or karmic partnership is what the universe brings to us to clear out the karma that we’ve been carrying around regarding relationships. To be blunt, it brings us an individual to basically hurt us in a way that will force us to grow. Each relationship serves a purpose, it is a learning lesson, what we did right and wrong, what they did right and wrong, what we can improve on what we don’t want to happen again in the future, what is a good match for us and what isn’t. This is what a karmic relationship does! It teaches. Sometimes people need multiple karmic relationships to clear the old wounds, and sometimes an individual may only need one, or even none (although that typically is very rare). To grow, we must stumble first.

How do we get to where we need to be, to become the best version of ourselves? I recommend you set powerful intentions, ask the universe to bring you the relationships you need to learn the most you can, the fastest you can, so you can grow, clear the karma and move on so you can be ready for your lifetime partnership. This way, you get the karma clearing and lessons over with, with the intention of not repeating patterns, and being ready for your next step, wanting to be whole and happy. Everyone has SOMEONE out there they are supposed to be with. What happens is, we settle for “good enough”, but that’s a whole other blog for another time.

When a relationship has run its course, listen to your guides, your intuition and end the relationship, don’t stay stuck, if you’re feeling something isn’t right, it’s likely because the relationship is done, you’ve outgrown it and it’s time to move on. Karmic relationships are not forever, they are part time, temporary until we find the one we are supposed to be with forever.

If you are unsure what type of relationship you are in, reach out for a reading and I can help you. This journey is never easy, do your best, don’t be hard on yourself, be happy and enjoy.


Love and Light,


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