Karma – Let’s Talk About The Law Of Cause And Effect

By Ernst: Karma is a concept from Hinduism and Buddhism, which is literally translated as action or deed. Any and every action has a consequence and is therefore followed by a reaction.

You certainly recognize the following if you were lifting weights: you pull the weight up and the weight pulls you down – gravity. In general, karma means that whatever we do, think, or say eventually comes back to ourselves.

I often hear people say: “Karma is a bitch”, but karma is not punishment. Karma is just and neutral. Karma means that whatever you sow you shall reap.  What you are doing will also come back to you. The whole life revolves around life lessons which the soul encounters on his or her path in human life.  Everything you encounter along your path is a lesson. What you do with it is up to you and is your karma. Simply put: everything we think, say and do has cause and effect.


Sometimes, it’s not the case that cause and effect are always directly visible or tangible. According to some religions this can spread out over several lives. Karma is thus the whole of what we have ever said, thought, uttered and everything we are doing now. So you don’t have to see karma as a harsh punishment but rather as a mirror of your personal growth process.

Karma, Law of Connection

The Laws of Karma and Its Impact on Your life.

The law of cause and effect is by far the most important law I have to mention. What you sow you shall reap.

Karma, The Law of the Creator 

Nothing just arises out of thin air and that also applies to our lives. If we want to achieve something, we will have to do something to achieve it. And exactly what is needed. By sitting still in your life, nothing changes. Active living can change everything.

The Law of Humility

Learn to accept what a situation is that cannot be changed. Do not judge others because everyone has his or her own life’s path.

The Law of Growth

If you want to change things in your life and you do it with love from your heart and from your soul, your life will change because of that. You cannot control everything in your life but you can manifest your true self.

The Law of Responsibility

You have to take responsibility for what is happening in your life. Our life is shaped by our own doings and  lettings. To blame others for misery in your life is to shift your own responsibility.  You decide whether you allow that misery to come and stay in your life or exit.

The Law of Connection

The present, future and past are all (inter)connected. To accomplish tasks in life and to achieve goals, the first and last step are just as important as any other necessary intermediate steps.

The Law of Focus 

Be sure to focus your attention on one thing at a time. It’s impossible to think and work on two things at the same time. If you focus your attention on positive and spiritual values, there is no place for greed, anger or jealousy in your life. Focus all your attention on yourself. You are important!

The Law of Hospitality and Giving

Give without expecting anything in return. Be kind and hospitable to other people. Do everything in your life by giving the very best of yourself.

The Law of the Present

When you always look back to what happened in the past, or when you always look ahead to the future, it keeps you from living in the present moment. You can see for yourself how far you have come in the present (in the here and now). Yesterday’s dreams, thoughts and behavior are no longer important. What you think about today, what you dream of today but also how you behave today are important. It gives direction to the shape of your life tomorrow. 

Law of Change 

Things from the past keep repeating themselves until we learn the lessons that need to be learned. Then and only then you are able to change your life. If the same things or situations keep repeating in your life, it is a sign that you need to work on the lessons you can learn from them. Once you’ve learned these lessons, they won’t be repeated.

The Law of Patience and Rewards 

To achieve things you must first work hard at them. You can experience real joy when you do what needs to be done to achieve your goal. You cannot expect that what you want will just arise for you out of nowhere. The reward for your hard work will come when the time is right, at just the right time. Everything you want to achieve requires patience, perseverance and having and keeping faith that you will succeed.

The Law of importance and inspiration 

The real value of something in your life is determined by the energy you put into it. What you do for it and the intention, so what you want to achieve. Your actions and your doings have consequences not only for yourself but also for those around you. Set the intention – the will – to live and be loving, understanding, tolerant and peaceful. Apply that every day in your life and let your intentions always be pure and loving.

Last but not the least, don’t waste your time on revenge. Those who hurt you eventually meet their own karma. Find a loving way to deal with situations and certain people that you don’t really want in your life. In doing so, this will give you strength and will help you to grow as a person and become whole.


Love and Light,


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