Is There A Price For Love?

By Ann: When we love, we invest our feelings and our whole being and are willing to be there for the other person. Whether it is a partner, spouse, child, an animal or even us, we pay a price by giving of ourselves unselfishly to keep this person safe and happy. Love is being committed, loyal and honest which builds trust and opens us up to being vulnerable. When you trust someone, you give your heart to them. This should never be done in a toxic or abusive relationship.

Honesty is an important quality and not just a one-way street. If a person is not open and honest, but acts sneaky then they are not ready for you to give of yourself. Your own self-worth is valuable and is important for you to look after and never let anyone take you for granted and disrespect you. Love is worth more than gold or silver and has no monetary value.  

Giving up your single life is a price to pay which can be rewarding and fulfilling being with a person who is just as willing to be a couple and respect you and be a friend. You both must see each other as valuable and worthwhile and build a relationship not on fantasy or through rose colored glasses. When the dust settles you can see more clearly and realise the investment you have is precious. It is about give and take, not tit for tat.  Learning to speak up and listen to the other person and never take each other for granted.


Sadly, this is not always the case, and it can be over before it has even started. Sometimes in a long-term relationship communication breaks down and a gap widens, which can never be repaired. The price paid is sadness and a broken heart. Sometimes the price paid is monetary, other times it is emotional hurt and loss and grief.  

If we treat each other’s emotions like a bank account, you can withdraw on that and possibly start over again slowly and learn to care for each other and with maturity and wisdom rebuild the relationship. Every kind act, loving gesture goes into the emotional bank account. Every time you ignore each other you are withdrawing from your emotional bank account which can lead to a zero balance. Making more deposits than withdrawals is the ideal situation to strive for.

Loving requires sacrifices and commitment and time and effort which is a journey to be enjoyed and memories are made along the way that bond each other together. The road can be rocky and bumpy and like a real road you would drive slower so as not to damage your car. You try to avoid the potholes. You look after your car and have it serviced regularly, check the tires etc., because you don’t want to break down or have an accident. This maintenance costs money, but it is worth it in the long run. The same in relationships your partner is worth more than a car and unlike a car you don’t trade them in every few years. People have feelings, cars don’t. A car can give you a few good years, but a person can give you a lifetime of love and companionship. So, the price for loving is treating each other properly and putting time and effort in and you get what you give. You must be a friend to have a friend. It is worth it in the long run to feel content and peaceful.

Look at nature, how many animals mate for life and stick with each other and others look after each other in family groups. How much more should human beings as a higher form of intelligence care for each other. Having a heart full of love is healthy and no price should be too high to care about each other and yourself. Sometimes the price can be heartache and grief when we lose someone. Life is never the same and this is where our spirituality can help us and having a connection with God and Jesus through prayer. It can give comfort during our lonely days and nights to know that their love for us never ends. Remember to stop and smell the roses and each one if us is a rose. Reach out to someone in need instead of going within ourselves and feeling sorry for ourselves, look beyond and help someone else with kindness, a smile or a kind act. Adopt a rescue animal, start a garden. Each small effort can add up to a big effort and it’s our contribution to heal a hurting earth. Many people start up a relationship then change their mind which is hurtful. Know your own mind and be honest. Tell each other what you want and not what you think they want to hear. Don’t involve someone’s heart, then let them down. Guard your own heart and emotions and don’t be naive and when someone cares about you and is there for you love will win.


Love and Light 


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