Is Psychic Ability Innate Or Do You Become Psychic?

By Destiny: This article explores the possibility that psychic abilities lie dormant and you just need to tap in to them. If that is the case then we are all born with the sixth sense and yet some people are able to utilize this while others can not. If you do not believe that you have psychic ability you could still be proven wrong.

There are so many reports of people who experience unexplained events such as what seems like a telepathic encounter. You think about someone you have not heard from for a while and suddenly the phone rings and it is them. People start to realize their psychic abilities when they get the feeling that a series of events are more than just mere coincidences.

1destiny1 It is when they no longer dismiss what happens as just one of those things and start to become aware that there is more to this than meets the eye. A dream could become a premonition, a feeling of déjà vu could be a past life experience relived.

Psychic ability has not been scientifically proven and is not likely to be since it is a sense and not a science. There is a belief among some psychics that we are born with intuitive ability and that we share a connected consciousness. We can tap in to that consciousness and extra sensory perception can be revived.

It is important that you do not dismiss any intuitive or psychic insights that you experience as being coincidental. If you imagine that we are all connected to each other on an intuitive level, then you can have more awareness of your own psychic ability.

There are some people who believe that psychic ability is a gift that is bestowed upon certain people. It is interesting that it is often referred to as the ‘sixth sense’ and so rather than a gift it could be a sense that has not been allowed to develop.

We are so caught up with social conditioning and doing and thinking what we are conditioned. There is also a belief that the intuitive side of the brain is shared with the musical, artistic, and writers’ side of the brain. It is not a logical concept and that is how we are conditioned from a very early age to be logical.

There are children and animals that have showed signs of psychic ability and with no clear explanation of this. It could be that a young child under the age of 5 has not yet been socially conditioned. Cats and dogs are often aware of when their owners are on their way home and sometimes they stare at things that we can not see.

If you believe you may have psychic ability then you will probably find it hard to gather support from those around you. It would be life changing and you would most likely seek out answers to the unexplained series of events. You may want to develop your ability further and this can be done through meditation. It is when you are more relaxed and even more sociable that you are likely to tap in to this resource. If you are uptight and stressed out at work then you are not likely to be tapping in to your inner resources.

There are so many pointers that the spirit guides and angels are trying to send you messages. You may hover over a paragraph in a book, feel inclined to listen to the lyrics in a song over and over again, or hear the same name from different places. If you open your awareness then you are likely to see beyond your normal way of thinking.

In conclusion, there is so much that is left to the imagination around psychic ability. If you use your imagination to the fullest then there is likely to be some answers coming your way. Lifestyle and social conditioning could be influencing your ability to see clearly. Let it all go, relax and go with the flow of what you feel and you are on your way to tapping in to your own psychic resources.


Love and Light,


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