Is He/She Thinking About Me?

By Gertrude: Breakups are difficult. Sometimes they are for good, permanent and sometimes they are temporary. While one or both people take some time out to reassess what it is they want. As a psychic, this is possibly one of the most common questions I get asked. Each person and relationship is unique and we all have a different set of life skills.

Often we find ourselves, waiting for the phone to ring. The more we think about it. Each time we get in a text or the phone rings, there is hope in your heart that your ex-lover has had a change of mind and wants to try again. Regardless of if you are going to hear from them or not, it is a very unsettling period and one that most of us at one point or another in our lives is going to experience.

1gertrude2 This is a vital time and this is where you need to draw all of your resources in order not to get upset or send them a message. Our emotions are running high and often when we are in that state of mind. It is difficult to make clear-minded decisions, not clouded by emotion.

1) Don’t wait. Not ever. Especially when it comes to the affairs of the heart. Waiting is the worst possible solution. It will keep you stuck, sad and lonely. You’ve been through enough already. Don’t make it harder.

2) Change your mind. The quality of our thoughts is really important for our emotional well-being. Thinking about it literally changes nothing. You are wasting your time, your energy and your feelings. Deliberately change your thoughts in your mind.

3) Be authentically you. Even if you are a homebody though, it is important to keep your motivation and to keep busy. This is an excellent time to invest in your own interests. Having time completely to ourselves should be regarded as golden moments.

4) Learn to enjoy your own company. Make yourself laugh, research passions and pursuits. Especially those ones that you’ve neglected because the relationship has taken up so much of your life. Look at it as an amazing opportunity to find balance and perhaps to reset your goals.

5) Now the difference between having company because it’s an option and not a need. It is a very healthy attribute to have to be able to be alone, but certainly not feel lonely.

Some other things to avoid is following them on social media, wondering what they are wondering. Creating scenarios in your mind of the million possibilities of what they are up to.

Understand, that human nature is that we will generally go after what is important to us. Know that if somebody can’t give you answers, if they can’t take the time to give you a call, then quite honestly they most likely have chosen that this relationship. Or the things they are lacking is acting as a barrier to being a loving energy in your life.

This is also a time to reset boundaries. Allowing somebody to come in and out of your life when it pleases them is no good for you.

If you are simply on a break, then you need to make sure that when you get back together, you state quite clearly what you expect in terms of support and security when it comes to your heart.

Don’t disrespect your own deal breakers in order to be with someone. The choice of your life partner is the most important decision we ever make. Don’t compromise on your own values.

If your ex-lover does get in touch be open and prepared to talk through the issues that split you up in the first place.

YOU are worthy and if you take the time to nurture that, you will come through this stronger, happier and healthier.

If you message somebody and they don’t reply, you call them and they refuse to pick up. If you send them a message asking for contact and they ignore you. Move on. Adults and people with emotional intelligence, don’t do that. If someone truly loves you, they don’t do that. No answer, no reply is actually an answer. It is a weak person’s answer. They don’t have the courage to be honest. The last thing you need for a long term commitment is somebody who can’t or won’t express what the problem is.

Love really has some simple, basic and common sense rules. However, when we allow our heart to make life decisions and neglect the facts, ignore red flags, then we are going to get hurt. Avoiding being hurt or having issues is futile. They either make us or break us.

If you are in this situation, I would love to do some remote viewing for you. Let’s look together for some insight and affirmations to that you can make the choice and put into place what is going to be your best interests and outcome.


Love and Light,


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