Is He/She Coming Back?

By Gertrude: So you have a question on your mind. “Is she or he coming back to me?”. As a psychic, to me it is one of the most important questions that I get asked. It is often quite difficult to let go of someone that you have fallen in love with. Perhaps not knowing what is going on in their mind and if they are missing you as much as you are missing them. What is on their mind.

Breakups, breaks, taking time out, whatever has manifested or you are currently going through, has happened for a reason. You are never truly meant to suffer for love. However, you do need to have realistic expectations.

1gertrude2 One of the biggest mistakes we make is that when there is very strong emotional feelings, quite often we ignore the actual problem or the reason for the breakup. So it is very important to identify why this is happening. What is the actual issue. What do you need to take into consideration. What does the person you love have to take into consideration.

This will most often lead to us ignoring those signs and we can get back together without addressing or solving anything. When this happens, is just means that you have chosen to stay and repeat.

Think of your relationship like a massive elastic band. When you keep pulling it backwards and forwards, ultimately it is going to lose its elasticity and break. That is one of the ways that we find ourselves in on again and off again relationships and situations. If right now you have broken up from someone you love and want to be with. Now is the time for you to just concentrate on you. If you are going to have someone on your mind, thinking about them constantly. Then you may as well make it about you.

This isn’t meant to be a time of blaming yourself or even blaming the other person. This is when you look within. When you take responsibility for yourself and your own inner happiness. Having really realistic expectations. When it comes to love, there is never any need to rush things.

If you aren’t the person who wanted to take a break from the relationship, one thing that is really so very important is to respect the other person’s wishes and their decision. In any loving or meaningful connection, you always have to take into consideration how they are feeling. Really, it is never easy to make this type of decision. However, now is the time to understand that we can’t really change others opinions. We can’t always know what they are thinking or feeling.

So this is the time to trust that what is unfolding or occurring is simply the time to self-evaluate. A time to build yourself up. A time for you to have the freedom to know that often we have to accept the things that we cannot change.

The only person we can ever really change is ourselves. In understanding that we give up trying to control the situation or how the person we love is handling life. In many cases, it isn’t necessarily even anything that you have done wrong. We always have to consider their family dynamics, how they view things within their own lives. What is going on for work, what values they place for themselves.

We all have our own individual dreams and goals. When we are in a relationship, one of the things that is really crucial to success is that we are all heading to the same destination. Destination is an agreed upon place where two people are happily working together. A mean to an end. It doesn’t take a psychic to work out that if you are wanting marriage, family and a union and the other person is even the slightest bit unsure about that, there will be problems. Understand even the best of relationships have their ups and downs.

Many couples who end up having a long and fruitful life together can have troubled times. Especially in the early days. However, the key to them succeeding. What has gotten them through isn’t love, it is knowing that they truly want for themselves and the other person, pretty much the same thing.

This is very different from opposites attract. That is more about personality. Or how we handle the various situations that life throws our way. This is why I always look for your destination goals and the other person’s destination goals when I am doing a psychic reading.

Now, if this is you, and you are on a break or you have broken up and you are wondering what they are thinking, doing feeling. Turn that around. Because right now, the most important person is you, not them.

I look at every reading with fresh eyes. No two situations are ever the same. We are all unique. I would love to have the opportunity to look at your personal and individual set of circumstances and give you a really honest and straightforward assessment of how you can gain some insight for yourself.


Love and Light,


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