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Pat when did you first recognize that you had Psychic abilities?

I’ve really just had a sense of knowing things for as long as I can remember. The first experience that I remember sharing my abilities was with my mother, think I was around 9 or 10. There was some discussion about my cousin and her new boyfriend. They lived thousands of miles away and I’d just met them for the first time recently. My mom asked me a question and I referred to the boyfriend as her fianc√©. My mom asked if they’d said anything to me and I said no but for some reason just knew that they’d be married early next year. Pretty sure she immediately got on the phone with my aunt and they got all excited. Sure enough they were engaged and married around that time.

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When did you begin this work professionally?

I’d always done some work with friends, but started giving professional readings in the mid 90s. My first online readings began around 1997 in the old dial up chat room days. It’s amazing how much the online reading world has grown since then!

What can one expect during a reading with you?

The most important thing is to make sure a client feels comfortable. Sometimes when someone is seeking a reading they are stressed or frustrated by various things, getting them to relax helps them to feel better and to get the energy flowing a bit more. Next, it’s important to get an understanding of what is needed and then go from there. I will connect, relay the messages that come through to provide clarity and understanding of both the past and where things are going in the future. Most importantly, I want the reading to be as tangible as possible and hopefully empower the client with the information that comes through.

You have conduct thousands of readings in your lifetime. Why do you think people feel so connected with you?

Like I mentioned earlier, it’s a priority to make people feel comfortable. People generally enjoy chatting with me and I try to make it enjoyable and sometimes fun. I have some clients that have been with me for over a decade now and many have said they appreciate that I’m direct without any fluff or sugar coating when needed.

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Can you describe to us one of your most memorable and rewarding readings you have given?

Recently a long time client had been fighting some major health issues. They had really fought through the health problems but were having an impossible time getting a good night’s rest, which was adding stress to the battle. I did a projection and figured out that they were also an empathic like myself. I gave them some tools to manage some of the energy that was causing problems. They are now reporting that it feels like a heavy load has been taken of their shoulders and now sleeping soundly!

Do you have advice for people who have the gift of sight, but don’t understand what is happening to them?

Always pay attention to your inner voice, it’s important! If something doesn’t feel right, try to find out why. But really pay attention to things, write them down and you can fine-tune some of your abilities that way. Also for those that are empathic, be sure to learn how to protect yourself and cleanse any “icky” energy.

Besides doing Psychic Readings, do you have any hobbies?

In winter and early spring you will find me alpine skiing! I’ve been skiing since I was very young and love it more than ever. The mountains are really a special place for me and the ultimate spiritual recharge. In the warmer months I really enjoy hiking and being near the water. This past summer I tried out trail mountain biking and, loved it and really looking forward to turning that into a new hobby. All year round you’ll find me enjoying live rock or a great or not so great horror movie.

Thank you for taking this time and sharing this with us Pat.

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