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Insight into love/relationships. Direct answers.
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About Pat LightHelp

Together we will find the path to a better, more positive future for YOU.

I am an empathic, intuitive Reader specialized at providing direct insight and clarity to Love and Relationship matters. With my warm and caring heart I will assist you over obstacles blocking your path to a brighter future.

As a well respected, ethical Reader I am here to help, but please be ready to hear the truth. If you are not looking for honest answers please choose another Reader. I will not try sell you expensive spells, curses or meditate while in session. When candle work or meditation can be of benefit to your situation I will teach you how to perform these on your own and using items you will have already around the house, it's more powerful this way!

I pride myself on being an honest and ethical Reader and will utilize all my abilities to effect a positive outcome in your life, whatever your situation, hopes and dreams may be. I am not a "Magic 8-Ball" so please do not repeat the same question during a session in hope of hearing the answer that you want. Sugar coating a situation might make you feel good in the short term, but will only lead to disappointment in the long term. I tell it as I see it.

I am also very experienced in career Readings and can usually map out promotions, job changes and provide insight into workplace relationships and tension.

Contact me today for the insight and resolution you deserve.

15 years of providing personal Readings to a broad and diverse client base. This includes 10 years of Reading online. I am very thankful of the many wonderful regular clients who have been with me for several years, and I hope you too will enjoy the service I provide.

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