How To Walk Fearlessly Through Life

By Sarah: It’s really important to be aware of how you act and what you think as you travel through life. I thought the following would be four good ways to ensure you know you are living life to its fullest truth. Always speak with integrity and know exactly what it is that you are saying. In the Bhagavad-Gita, it is said that a Holy Man may tell a lie to avoid another person feeling pain, but they are not free from the consequences of that lie for example: the karmic response.

1sarah6 So in all things speak your truth. The spoken word is a very powerful tool so never use it to bring yourself down or belittle yourself, nor to spread gossip about others. Use the power of the word to spread truth and to bring harmony around you. No excuses.

Do not take anything personally. Nothing others do is because of you. Do not operate from a place of ego. What others are doing and saying is simply a perception of their own reality. let them live with their own thoughts and do not bring their intentions onto yourself. You will find life will be a lot easier if you do this and you will feel an increase in confidence. When you are totally immune to the opinions of others you will stop suffering on an emotional level. Life will become far easier.

Never make assumptions. Always get to the heart of the matter and know the truth. You need to find the courage inside you to ask questions and to always express what you truly want. This is most important when it comes to love. Communicate with other people as clearly as you can to avoid hurtful suffering, humiliation and sadness that miscommunication can cause. This one particular agreement can literally change your life for the better overnight.

Always do your best in whatever it is that you do, think or feel. Keep your thoughts positive. Yes your best is going to change from moment to moment, but at least your intention will be to do the best that you can in all things. People will admire you for this. If you do this at all times you will certainly avoid self-judgement and you will find that you are positive in your attitude towards life.

Just by living the above four truths you can change the direction of your life in a far more positive direction.

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In Love and Light – may the rest of the months be positively memorable for you.




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