How To Survive Quarantine

By Anastasia: Hello Dear LifeReader family, I have been getting many inquiries about how long the lock down/quarantine lasts in your countries. This is a two fold answer. One, as long as it takes to get everyone on board with what your Governments are asking you to do. Two, what are you willing to do or not do for your neighbors.

This is not a political article, this is a very human question we have to ask ourselves.

I personally have suffered lock down for months at a time and it’s not been fun and it’s no joke. People around us have gotten very ill and many have perished. So, you must choose how you want to conduct yourself during this very daunting time for all human beings.

So how do we survive this new way of life?


In my readings, I keep seeing we all must go deeper into our inner landscapes and ask ourselves very important questions. What can I live with and what can I live without?

You will find your answers may surprise you! Most of us who are having to endure these lock downs have found ourselves angry, scared and depressed. I want you to know this will pass once you get yourself in a place of acceptance and make new rhythms and think of ways you can best serve your personal situation and those that you have created a bubble with.

Trust is the biggest key here to survive through this time in our lives. If you find yourself questioning or bogged down with thoughts about “How long?” and where will my next “$” come from, you are not alone. Remember, we are all in this together. What you are feeling and how you are processing this so-called lock down or economy slump has come upon everyone in some way all across our lands. So now what? 

You must dig deep and redefine your life at this time. Help yourself first and if you can help another in need do so. For the good will that you can give to each other will come back 10 fold. I promise. We have been shown that we are not separate, we are all one. Different races have different creeds, but we are human and we need each other more than ever during this time of isolation and possible despair. Don’t isolate yourself further, if you tend to be that type. Reach out to others, even if it’s just to inquire “Hi, how are you?”. You will find you will hear others expressing similar feelings and possibly you will form quarantine friendships as we have here in our county with people you never thought you’d meet. Reach out and make a difference you will be glad you did! This is also a good time to rescue a pet. The companionship these angel beings offer us is invaluable during these quarantine times.

This is a good time to slow down and evaluate your life. The COVID virus has called us all to a reset of our world, our families and our core values. Zoom and online chats are more important than ever. Connection is key when we are under such duress. Keep yourself hydrated so you do not have to suffer anxiety or low moods. Eat moderately and get some exercise if you can. Meditation, Singing and Dancing are such good things to do to relieve stress and unwanted thought forms. These tips will help your frame of mind. Humans are adaptable and strong… Let’s keep you that way! 

I know it is very important to reach out when loneliness takes hold. Having a quick chat or phone call can really change your mood and help you not feel isolated and alone.

We will get through this. In the meantime, pray for yourself and others. Be gentle on yourself and look at what you value and how you want to live your life as this chapter in our lives unfolds. I continue to pray for health and wellness for us all. I look forward to supporting you during this journey in all of our lives…


Sending love and light to you all,


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